The 1960's - Part 2

Ivan Mauger  Goog Allan    Ken Sharples    Bob Duckworth    Jack Winstanley    Alan Butterfield    Mike Watkin  Peter Kelly    Russ Dent   Brian Brett  Milton Caisley



1963 Ivan Mauger At The Newcastle Ball
Picture from Ivan Mauger's collection

Ivan says: Raye and I at the Newcastle Ball in 1963 with Ursula Allan.

Ivan & Mike 1963
 Courtesy of John Spoor's Speedway Star Collection
John Skinner says:  Looking back at the acclaimed speedway pundits predictions of great things for Ivan.  I would say it wasn't difficult to forecast he was headed for the top.  I watched Ivan from 1963 until he left us for Belle Vue in 1968.  He was amazing. 

1963 Team
Courtesy of John Spoor


1963 Or 1964 Party
Newton Road In Newcastle

Photo from Gordon Guasco's widow Elaine
Photo from Gordon Guasco's widow Elaine.  It is of a party in Newton Road, Heaton, Newcastle and dates from 1963 or 1964.  I was 11 yrs old at the time and I can only name Ivan Mauger in the middle.  Can anyone name the others, were you there? and no! the guy in the front with glasses isn't Arthur Askey  John
Richard Nicholson says: Might be Milton Caisley at the back against the curtains.
Dave Train says:  possibly the guy on the right in the middle section with his arm round a lass could be Bill Andrew who was in the 64 side after he was with us in 62 then Poole in 63 I don't recognise anyone else! cheers Dave.
Steve McClurey says: The photo was taken at a party at Jack and Eileen McClurey's house. Jack is the guy at the front with the glasses and Eileen is in the shiny dress on the left hand side.  Ivan and Raye Mauger are in the middle of the photo.
Dave Rowland says: This is a hard one. The only one that I would be certain of is Bill Andrew 4th from the right. Looks like Ivan Mauger in the middle but not certain. Is that Brian Craven on the left hand side looking over the girl in front. I can't be certain but would say it is Bill Andrew.
Be interested to hear others views on who they think are in the picture.
Ivan Mauger says: It was 1963.  So far I have got Raye-Ivan-Bob Hall-Eileen and Jack McLurey-Tony Shelly is on the right-Bruce Ovenden?-Bob Duckworth?-Milt Caisley at the back? Bob and Tony went with me to Gothenburg in 1966 and I got 4th.and the same in 1968.
Ray Caisley says: The gent to the right of the gent in the glasses is Ernie Kirkup who was a friend of my Dad (Milt) for many years.
Gary Hogg says:  The Newton Road party with Ivan Mauger is also of interest as I went to Heaton Grammar School and Ivan’s car (A black mk2 Zodiac with a red roof and bike on the back) was once parked round the back of the Caretaker’s house. Imagine the excitement for an 11 year old who’d got Ivan’s autograph through the window of that car the night before!
Hi John,
My name is Collin Patterson and I worked at Lowry's Garage, Church Street in Walker, Newcastle, during the mid 1960's. I started my apprenticeship there in 1965 and Bob Hall was my boss. I remember very well all of the great Monday afternoons when the Diamonds arrived at the garage to prepare for the evening races. 
I came across your site by accident and found it so brought back a lot of memories. I've attached the picture of the Newton Road party (see above) and although it was a year or two before my time  I'm pretty sure that's Bob Hall in the foreground and Les Hall, Bob's younger brother, in the background. Les would help out at the garage on Saturday's. 
There was a mention of Ivan Mauger being dunked in the "puncture water tank" in one of the articles. Now my memory may be playing tricks on me but I'm pretty sure I was actually there that afternoon. Anyhow, thanks for the great work. It's been a great trip down memory lane for me.


Diamonds & Saints

Courtesy of Archie Cooper
1964 Newcastle v Sunderland: 1964 was the only year that the two teams met up on track.  Trophy being presented to Ivan Mauger (second from left) Gordon Guasco (first left) can you name the others John

Trevor James says: Hi John,  I was having a trawl through the pictures on your website. I came across the one headed Diamonds and Saints taken in 1964. I can give the names of all except one, which could be an either or.  Left-Right.  The late Gordon Guasco, Ivan Mauger, Colin McKee & Jim Airey.  The chap on the far right I think could be either Alan Butterfield or Goog Allan, but it may well turn out to be someone else.  Hope this is of help to the site. Trevor



Been looking through old clippings from the chronicle again and came across this shot of Sunderland Saints captain Ken Sharples. Not many Saints shot’s around so I thought it might interest you. I guess it was taken at the Northern League Match at Brough on Monday May 18th 1964, you can just see a black and white hooped Rugby shirt over Ken’s right shoulder.

Ken top scored for Sunderland that night with 8 points. Ivan Mauger and Peter Kelly scored 12 point maximums for the Diamonds. The final score being Newcastle 53 Sunderland 25. I’ve also attached the program cover, as it’s the only time a Sunderland team has appeared at Brough. Newcastle lost the return match at Sunderland on May 26th the score being Sunderland 39 Newcastle 37.

Sunderland's loss was Newcastle's gain when Ken Sharples joined the Diamonds he transformed a good side into a top of the table team. We won the league with 2 local lads in the side Mike Watkin and Russ Dent.


Second String Newcastle Line Up With
Their WAGS

John says:  This is a puzzle to me.  Could it possibly be at Rimini, Italy when promoter took a 1960's party to Italy to run speedway/midget cars meetings, just a guess! Please tell me if you recognise the event or the track.  The rider at front left appears to be Jack Winstanley. Can you name any of the others John
Dave Gifford says: I think the rider on the left is Mick Handley, centre rear looks like Maury Robinson and the next to the right at the back is Paul Sharples, Ken's boy
Brenda Robinson (Maury's wife) says: Centre back is Maury - front right Milton Caisley and behind him - Brian Oliver. 

1963 Match Results

Provincial League Riders
Championship Round
Ivan Mauger leading 3 unknown riders. A Long Eaton Archer, an Edinburgh Monarch and a Middlesbrough Bear, do you know who they are and what meeting it was John
Colin Greenwell says: 1964 photo, because of the Bears reverse red and white quarters and my guess at the Bears rider is Bluey Scott
Can anyone name the other two riders?
Dave Train says: This is from a Provincial League Riders Championship Round.  Ken Adams Alf Wells. Ivan Mauger Bluey Scott

Ivan Mauger 1963
Courtesy of John Spoor 

Eileen McClurey & Friends

Courtesy of Steve McClurey

Steve says: I am still rummaging in boxes and I found this photo, it was taken beside the start gate at Brough Park, you can see the first bend and the flats on Grace Street behind, on the right is my Mum Eileen McClurey in the lovely flowery dress but I haven't a clue who the others are, answers on a post card please
John says So can anyone say who the other supporters are and what year this is likely to be from? John

Newcastle v Exeter
1963 Exeter's Len Silver attempts to go around Newcastle's Ivan Mauger with Pete Lansdale in the background.  The crowd in modern times no longer fills that part of the stadium although it is where my daughter and I watch from.

Individual Meeting At Brough Park

Courtesy of George Winstanley

I am told this is at Newcastle in the 1960's. Halifax's Dave Younghusband is at far right, please name the rest John
Jack Hides says: Hi John, 2 guys on the left are Bluey Scott (Glasgow) & Dick Fisher ( Belle Vue) that's all I know for sure. The guy mid right looks like he is wearing an Oxford race jacket, I thought at first it might have been Morrie Robinson I'm not sure about the guy in the middle
Reg Fearman also thinks the guy 2nd from the right is Maury Robinson
Dave Gifford says: Hi mate, picture of Bluey Scott, Dick Fisher, Jack Winstanley  Maury Robinson and Dave Younghusband. Pretty sure that's Jack in the middle, probably around 1966, 1967 and I think he was still doing the odd second half at Brough Park at that time. Giffy
John says: Not sure if Jack had that pointy a nose but otherwise it does look like him especially as the photo came from George Winstanley, Jacks' son. Matter closed the riders are named.
Brenda Robinson (Maury's wife) says: Jack Winstanley is looking at Maury Robinson and it's not an Oxford Jacket - Maury is holding his polka-dot neck scarf ! Trendy !!!
John says: Another mystery solved, polka dots not cheetah spots, thanks Brenda

Mike Parker & The Provincial League Riders Champion
Ivan Mauger

Mike Parker with the new Provincial League Riders Champion Ivan Mauger.  The two men were rumoured not to get on but it doesn't show on this picture.  I am told that this title was Mauger's first major honour.


1963 Ivan Mauger & Reg Fearman

Ivan Mauger Reg Fearman at Middlesborough September 1963.  Not a lot of people know that Reg and Mike Parker were partners with a stake in each club. Reg took on Middlesbrough and Mike ran Newcastle


Pre-Match Parade

Courtesy of Steve McClurey

Peter Kelly, Ivan Mauger, Goog Allen and Mike Watkin are the riders.  I guess that the tall guy with the beard is track announcer Barry Wallace but don't quote me on that. It was a long time ago.

Steve McClurey's Memories Of 1963
It was back in 1963 that I was introduced to speedway, a chance encounter between my parents and a speedway rider Milton Caisley, who was on his way to Druridge Bay where riders practiced and raced on the sand and I still see Milt as he lives near to me. I remember going to Brough Park for many years and my mum & dad Jack & Eileen McClurey became friends with loads or riders and others involved at Brough Park. The ones I remember from the ground staff were Jimmy Richardson who was on of the track graders and Jack the starter who used to line the bikes and riders up to the tapes. I remember my Dad making steel shoes to fit on the left boot and helping out with bike preparation for Jim Airey and the late Gordon Guasco who rode for Sunderland speedway, once while Gordon was preparing his bike he sat me on the top tube of his bike and I still remember burning my leg on the exhaust, and the time my brother and I were coming back from a meeting with Jim Airey in the Morris Minor van that he and Gordon used to carry their bikes in , my brother was sitting on Jim's lap steering the car only to be stopped by the Police about the car wandering from side to side.

Mum & Dad became very good friends with Ivan and Raye Mauger and they used to stay with us if the next meeting was north of Newcastle, instead of driving back to Manchester, and I recall memories of our family in a caravan parked outside of their flat while travelling to some where on holiday, The one thing that I remember vividly, is the stuffed crocodile that used to reside on top of the telly, one day I will find out what became of it, I remember when Ivan had broken his ankle and he got himself fit by running up and down the ban beside the Armstrong bridge for days to make sure he could race for the silver sash or silver helmet  and him cutting the rubber insert off the bottom of the plaster cast so that he could have a steel shoe fitted over the plaster cast.

I also remember Spence Oliver the Photographer who we became good friends with and we still have many photos from the various tracks around the country, one I remember is of us as kids with Ivan & Rayes siblings messing about on the track grader at Brough Park. 


We went to all the meetings at Brough Park for many years and I still remember that there were stands on both straights and that they were filled with spectators

I even thought about riding myself and bought a J.A.P. engined bike and had to travel to Teesside to have a go as there was no racing at Newcastle at that time, I managed to complete 4 laps but scared the poop out of myself, so that was the end of that.

I still live within earshot of Brough Park even with silencers fitted and am intending to take my Grandson to meetings, who knows he may want to have a go.

Finally the 60s & 70s were the heyday of speedway at Brough Park but hopefully as the spectator’s numbers are going up we may see more tracks opening up who knows

Best Regards, Steve McClurey

Newcastle Diamonds 1964 Team Line Ups

Courtesy of Barry Stephenson


The best team in the Provincial League! 1964 Newcastle Diamonds


Courtesy of Ivan Mauger

Ken Sharples Aged 24
Courtesy of John's Speedway News mag from 1952
We are used to seeing photos of Ken Sharples depicting an older guy in his Newcastle days.  The above portrait shows Ken, a Belle Vue rider taken when he was 24.

Kiwis Ivan Mauger & Bill Andrew Win Pairs Trophy In 1964

Ivan Mauger with one hand on a trophy, who is the other rider with his hand on the trophy, is the man in the jacket Brian Craven? and what is the year. John

Larry Says:  I think it could be Ivan and Bill Andrew, as Brian Craven presented them with an International Best Pairs Trophy on 18th July 1964. (I know it’s difficult to say for certain its Bill, but looking at several photos I have of him. I think it could be)
Terry Stone has been in touch and he says "it looks like Bill Andrew".  Dave train confirms Ivan Mauger, Bill Andrew and Brian Craven
Another Photo of
Bill Andrew
Courtesy of John Spoor

Brian Craven In 1965

I think this could be Russ Dent, I know he had handlebars like those shown.  Can anyone confirm and supply the year  John
Dave Train Says: This is Brian Craven in 1965


Lining Up Against Halifax Dukes In 1965

Lining up against Halifax Dukes. Ivan Mauger, Russ Dent, Brian Craven, Mike Watkin, Goog Allen, Peter Kelly, and Ken Sharples.  Goog looks like he was the only person who turned up in fancy dress at a house party!


Brough Park 1964 Provincial League
Championship Round 

Brough Park 1964 Provincial League Championship round  Bruce Ovenden John Dews Goog Allen Pete Jarman, stretcher for Dews as all 4 come down in a heap.



Milton Caisley

I was saddened to learn of the death of former Newcastle rider, Milton Caisley.
Sad news has reached me via Milton's son, Ray Caisley, of the passing away of 1960's local Newcastle rider, Milton Caisley.  Milton was around the Brough Park scene in the 1960's and made a few appearances in senior matches in 1963 and 1964 though never making the breakthrough that his enthusiasm and love of the sport merited.  Newcastle Speedway History sends its sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Milton.  The highlight of Milton's track career was being chosen by Mike Parker to travel to Italy to race speedway bikes and drive midget cars.
Hi John, My Dad Milton, was born in Norbury Grove, Walker, 15/11/1932. Spent most of his working life at Swan Hunters, driving taxis on night times (once had Diana Dors as a fare) Always kidding on, done a fantastic Norman Wisdom take off, played the harmonica and tried to cram as much into life as possible. He did speedway as a hobby, as you know having a spell with Newcastle, but travelling to ride at Middlesbrough, Berwick and Edinburgh, mostly as a reserve, but basically anywhere to get a ride as he loved doing it. Remember one of his tales about taking six hours to drive back from Edinburgh cause he had a spill and put his footpeg through his calf muscle, but he still went to work as a welder the following morning!!! Unfortunately, married life and kids put to stop to the speedway as other things took priority.
He never really spoke that much about Rimini other than it was mainly reserve riders who took part in a promotion over there. They had to prepare all their own gear, prepare tracks and look after themselves. I'll have a look, cause I know he had a pic somewhere of them driving the furniture van through the alps and they were waving at a pilot who was actually lower than them. All in all, he treated it all as an adventure. Even years later, he kept in touch with some of the lads such as Maurice Robinson and one of them (whose name escapes me) had a garage on Back Goldspink Lane and used to do my Dad's car. Another of his claims to fame was when Ivan Mauger and his wife (Raye) stayed at our house. He always remained interested in speedway and showed me how to ride a bike on Druridge Bay (that would never be allowed now!) Unfortunately, he passed away on 30/12/2011 whilst on his bike (pedal bike I might add!) Off to the pub to watch the match. He went happy. He left a son, (me) a daughter, Susan and four grandchildren, Aimee, Nikki, Paul and Olivia. A very popular man, the turn out at his service was fantastic. He will be missed by many people other than his family.
I hope this helps in some way and I'd like to thank you for the memoriam,
Ray Caisley,

Pictures courtesy of Milton's son Ray Caisley.


Milton Caisley, centre stage on his bike, at the 2005 Diamond Geezers organised, rider reunion


Milton in the lead


Milton is in second place in the above photograph


Milton With A
Midget Car

Milton With 3 Young Fans 

Milton with 3 young fans.  If you recognise yourself why not send me an email  John



Milton later on in Berwick's colours

 The ever - smiling Milton Caisley 

Milton's Italian JobWith His Speedway Friends In Rimini Italy

Milton's Newcastle Promoter, Mike Parker took a party of riders to Italy under the name "Cavalcade of Speed"  Milt went along and found himself riding speedway and driving midget cars for Parker


Jack Winstanley is far left, Milton Caisley (green trousers)
 and Mike Parker in the white shirt with Milton in Rimini

Milton, His Son Ray And A Family Friend 

Photo courtesy of Steve McClurey

Steve McClurey says: Hi John I was saddened to hear of the death of Milton Caisely, I have attached a photo of Milt taken outside our house in High Heaton with his son Raymond, my Mam Eileen and my younger sister Sarah, taken in 1968.
The Hairy Biker From Byker
Milton Caisley a great character and part of the history of Newcastle Speedway. 


Goog Allan


Where did the name Goog come from ? Was he Gordon?

Dave Gifford says: Hi John, yes Goog was corruption of Gordon mainly used in Aussie where they have difficulty with two syllable words. Feel free to use anything I've sent for  your displays etc, cheers mate, Giffy
Thanks Giffy

Two New Zealanders
Goog & Bill Andrew


1964 Provincial League Riders Championship
1964 Belle Vue as Newcastle attempt the Provincial League Riders Championship. Peter Kelly is our man and he looks to be in charge in this heat against George Hunter, Ivor Brown and Norman Storer, go on Peter!


Ken Sharples

The above picture appeared in The Speedway and Ice Hockey News in 1952
Ken Sharples.. The reason we won the league title? Well one of them, his average of 8.66 was unexpected and he was overshadowed only by Ivan, so who could complain about that?  His career was halted by a fractured skull, mores the pity. Ken lost his life in 1967 as a result of a road accident in Manchester
Lee Edwards says: Just been reading through your website and found it to be very informative and fun to read. Would just like to add in the section for Ken, the clipping mentioning him becoming a grandfather is me. I did a few second halves up at Newcastle and could never get around it very well. Thanks again for the website.
Lee Edwards. (Ex Belle Vue, Wolverhampton and Barrow)

Newcastle v Belle Vue

1960's Ken Sharpels Newcastle V Belle Vue can you name the riders  John
Dave Train says: the Belle Vue riders name is McGregor: Larry thinks it is Sandor Levai leading Ken Sharples
Colin Jewes says: It is definitely Sandor Levai (with Ken Sharples,)

1964 Newcastle v Cradley Heath
Eric Hockaday Ivor Brown Jack Winstanley and Ivan Mauger about to establish the lead.  I believe the photo was taken in heat 9 on the 8th June 1964. The race result was Mauger from Brown, Hockaday, and Winstanley. The time 74.4 seconds.


Bob Duckworth


1963 Bob Duckworth a New Zealander who came to Newcastle from Belle Vue


More Pictures Of
New Zealander
Bob Duckworth

      Bob leading and strangely Ivan Mauger is behind on the outside

Peter Kelly Bob Duckworth and Stokes Pete Jarman 1963 Provincial League match.


1963 Provincial League Riders Champion

Ivan at Hyde Rd Belle Vue after winning the 1963 Provincial League Riders Championship but one thing that didn't seem right with Ivan Mauger in such great form, the end of season track record holder at Brough wasn't Ivan, it was Peter Jarman. 71 4/5  


1964 Newcastle Diamonds

1964 Provincial League Champions

Provincial League Champions 1964.  Mike Parker, Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Ivan Mauger, Jack Winstanley, Russ Dent, Maury Robinson, Ken Sharples, Bill Andrew, Peter Kelly, Goog Allan, Mike Watkin

Jack Winstanley
A Diamond In

1948, 1963-64


Courtesy of George Winstanley (Jack's son)


Jack in his Long Eaton days

Vicki Winstanley says: Hi John, I have only just found these web pages and I would like to thank you for such a wonderful site.   
My name is Vicki Winstanley, granddaughter of Jack
Winstanley.  Unfortunately my grandad passed away very recently and it makes me so proud to see his pictures and stories which I feel gives me a bit of an insight into the life he had led and the
achievements he had made. Thank you from all the Winstanley family x

A Commendation For Jack In His Sheffield Days

Jack Winstanley 2007

Courtesy of George Winstanley (Jack's son)

Jack Winstanley 2007. With Newcastle, Jack was riding for a strong team in a strong league but he managed very respectable scores during his time with the Diamonds.  This picture was taken 6 months before he passed away.

Courtesy of George Winstanley


Jack's passport photo shows him in riding gear and his profession as farmer

Jack Late 1940s
Courtesy of George Winstanley (Jack's son)

Jack "courting" late 1940's

Jack 'Of' Diamonds
Courtesy of George Winstanley (Jack's son)

Jack in his Newcastle days.  He rode for the Diamonds in 1948, 1963-64


Jack With His Friend Skid


Courtesy George Winstanley


Jacks gear ratios typed up on one of Oliver Harts business cards

Jack & Eddie
Jack Winstanley with Newcastle official Eddie Glennon
Courtesy George Winstanley
Jacks son George says: So dad was 38 when he left Newcastle in the sixties and 42 when he retired after the crash at Nelson, their first meeting of the 1969 season. In the Nelson results, (defunct speedway website) I noticed the last meeting of the 1968 season was away at Rayleigh. I remember going to that meeting with my dad (I had just turned 9). When we got there, and got into the pits, my dad just lifted me over the fence, and gave me to this couple, saying "can you look after my lad, please" , and they did !  you couldn't do that these days, or am I just being old ?
George Winstanley
John Hyam has been in touch.  He wrote a piece on Jack which appeared in  'Vintage Speedway Magazine' - now known as  'Classic Speedway". I reproduce John's  article, with his permission below: -

This article originally appeared in Vintage Speedway Magazine in 2007::::



JACK WINSTANLEY was what they term in football circles a ‘good journeyman.’ He spent 22 years racing for many tracks,

never a star, but a good honest dedicated trackman. JOHN HYAM gives an insight into the career of one of speedway’s most

dedicated performers.


When Jack Winstanley went along to former England rider Oliver Hart’s speedway training school in the winter of 1946-47

it was to get advice from him on how to tune a motorcycle engine for use in road racing. “I had no idea that it would lead

me to a career in speedway that was to extend for the next 22 years. It was a great and wonderful experience for me,” he said.


Winstanley was then just 20 years old. “I had been riding motorcycles since I was 14 and desperately wanted to be a

good road racer. Oliver was a renowned local motorcycle racer and I was confident that he could put me in touch with a

good engine tuner,” Jack recalled.


“He had laid a speedway practice track on his farm at Coppull, which was about four miles from my home in Lancashire.

 I didn’t know anything about this when I saw Oliver at his home, but he invited to go and have a look at his speedway track.”


Winstanley added, “When we got there I found a crowd of speedway riders and their bikes. Among them were

Jack and Alec Gordon, Cyril Cooper, Eric Blain, Harry Welch, Ernie and Norman Price. Those in charge were Bill Kitchen,

 Ron Clarke, Oliver and Ron Hart. It was an impressive array of speedway talent.”


It was then that Winstanley made the decision that was to change his concept of motor racing. “One of them - I think it was

Ron Clarke - persuaded me to try and ride an old speedway Rudge which was there for use by the real beginners,” Jack said.


“After watching the other riders and doing a few practice laps, I got the idea of what speedway was all about. I was very keen

and became a regular at the practice sessions. I was always impressed when Wembley’s Bill Kitchen went out on the track -

he rode so smoothly and made it all look so easy, something I admired.


“In March, Oliver confirmed that he was behind plans to introduce speedway at Wigan’s Poolstock Stadium and he said that

 I was good enough to take part in the opening meeting.


“However, I was reluctant to commit myself because I did not own a bike that was up to racing specifications. Oliver then

offered me the use of the bike he had raced during the 1946 season at Wimbledon. For his part, Oliver said he was buying

a new bike for 1947, when he would be riding for Bradford.


“And he struck a deal with me - I would only pay £50 for his old bike provided I signed a contract for Wigan. It was also

agreed that the sale would be on a hire-purchase agreement, with payments taken from my points money.


“This was a wonderful offer and I agreed. So it was, I was included in the line-up for Wigan’s opening meeting the

Easter Cup on Good Friday, April 4, 1947. I was plunged in at the deep end but took two seconds and a third place.

In my first race I was second to Don Houghton but ahead of Cyril Cooper and pre-war England international Bob Harrison.

Next time out I came second to Oliver Hart. It was a memorable debut for me and the start of a very happy time in my life.


“Another memorable first season meeting was a best pairs on May 24, when I partnered the renowned England and Wimbledon star

Norman Parker. We finished third behind winners Bill Kitchen and Jack Baxter and the runners-up Ron Johnson and Geoff Goodwin.

All great stuff for a first season novice.”


Over the years, Winstanley became ‘a man of many tracks.’ From Wigan he moved on the Fleetwood and Wombwell the

following season. In 1949 he rode for Newcastle and in 1950 was at Leicester, then became a Long Eaton rider in 1951.

After starting the 1952 season at Station Road, Winstanley moved on to for his first spell with Sheffield, riding for them until

the end of 1953.


Then speedway went into its decline, tracks closed and many riders were without a club - Winstanley was among them.

When the Provincial League started in the early 1960s, Winstanley had another spell in Sheffield’s colours, and also rode for

the Greenfield Stadium team at Bradford in 1963, besides turning out for Newcastle that season.


In 1967, Winstanley joined the Nelson club. He recalls, “I really went to Nelson as their coach, but they always seemed to be short

of a rider and I was a fairly regular starter in the team. My speedway career ended at the start of the 1969 when I was

injured in Nelson’s opening meeting.”


Apart from his British teams, Winstanley also rode at the Chapelizioid track in Dublin in 1951. The following season he was a

member of an international team led by Bill Kitchen which raced at Odense in Denmark.


He said, “Phil Bishop - the original ‘king of crash’ - was on that tour and I struck up a firm friendship with him. As a result,

he took me on many other trips to Europe. In the early 1950s, Holland was very much a stronghold for speedway -

the annual ‘Golden Helmet’ series were always well supported by riders from many different countries.


“I took part in several of these series in the mid-1950s. The nearest I took to winning one was in 1955 at the

Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. I was beaten in a decider by the Australian international Bill Longley.”


He was back in Holland in 1957 as a member of the England team beaten 3-1 by the host nation in an unofficial test series.


Winstanley was also in a group of riders that leading 1960s promoter Mike Parker took to Rimini in Italy.

“We did the pioneer work then for a country which has since produced some good international class riders,” Winstanley said.


He also rode extensively in long-track meetings in Germany and Austria. “On these tours I became very friendly with

the Austrian star Josef Kamper. Towards the end of the 1970s, I lost contact with him.


“It was a shock to me when I tried to trace him a couple of years ago and heard that he was killed in a mid-1980s road

accident, ironically on the way to a dinner organised by Ove Fundin to mark his achievements in the sport.”


As a rider whose career originally embraced the National League, then the Provincial League, Winstanley was quick to

debunk theories that in its hey-day the two lower divisions of the National League were stronger competitions than the PL.


He said, “Take it from me, there was no difference in standards. It was equally hard in both of them to score points and earn

prize money.”


Looking back on his career, Winstanley felt that his happiest time in the sport was the years spent at Long Eaton.

“And the greatest rider I was team partner to was the legendary Ivan Mauger when we were at Newcastle in the early 1960s,”

Winstanley commented.


Outside speedway, Winstanley also rode frequently in road race motorcycle meetings in Northern Ireland and the

North of England. Winstanley commented, “And I also drove midget cars in some of Mike Parker’s ‘Cavalcade of Speed’

meetings in the mid-1960s. These meetings also featured sidecars and stock-motorcycles. The midgets were fast but easy

to drive, but in no way did they generate the same sort of excitement as riding a speedway bike.”



28th September 1963 Provincial Riders
Championship Final,
Belle Vue

The Provincial Riders Championship Final at Belle Vue on 28th September 1963. The riders are George Hunter, Ivan Mauger and Jack Kitchen.


Swindon's Barry Briggs Enjoying A Joke With
Brian "Pommy" Brett
Swindon's Barry Briggs enjoying a joke with Brian Brett. The other riders are Peter Kelly Mike Watkin and Brian Craven.  I notice Giffy in the background wondering what he is missing or were you camera-shy in those days Dave?

1965 Newcastle v Vargana (Sweden)

I recognise Ivan Mauger (centre) but not the other 3 can you help  John

Dave Train says this is Mike Watkin, Ivan Mauger and Vargana's Gote Nordin
Keith Dyer says: The Newcastle v Vargana meeting was 16/8/1965, the missing rider is Runo Wedin,  who must have been leading as he was in yellow, he finally finished third behind Mauger and Watkin, Nordin fell in this race.
Brian Henderson says: Hi, regarding the Newcastle --- Vargana  photo with Ivan Mauger  in the centre, I believe the rider on the inside is Ove Fundin and not Gote Nordin.

1966 Ivan Mauger

Ivan Mauger, wearing his New Zealand Race Jacket. taking part in the Scottish Open Championship at Old Meadowbank Edinburgh


White Line Riding
Ivan on the white line. The Poole rider behind him must have been a real optimist. No way would Ivan make a mistake to let him through on the inside.  Mauger could do what he wanted at Brough and the opposition could only try in vain to beat him.

Newcastle Team
Bill Andrew Russ Dent Mike Watkin Mike Parker Goog Allan Ken Sharples Peter Kelly with Ivan on the bike

The Diamonds Race Jackets Used In The 1960s
Front cover of the monthly Speedway Post from December 1964 (the year we won the league). A nice shot showing the two race jackets used in the 60’s, Ken has the older 61-63 jacket, Peter the 64-69 jacket with the White border.

Goog Allan

A hard one to put a name to. Possibly Ken Sharples. 

Joe Wake says: The injured rider is Goog Allan at West Ham in June 1968. The injury put him out of the match and he missed the rest of the season and never rode for Newcastle again. There were quite a few bad injuries in the sixties. Ken Sharples fractured skull and did not ride again, Peter Kelly fractured skull in 1967 and out for over a season, Erik Tilgaard career ended after horrific crash in only his third meeting in 1969, Ivan Mauger broken ankle and, I think, Murray Burt broken leg. There may have been more I have missed but these spring to mind.

Thanks Joe Yes I can now see the picture is of Goog

1965 figures shown above.  This was my favourite Newcastle line up.  Dave Gifford arrived and did ok Ivan had injuries keeping his average down, Brian Brett came in as cover for Ivan's absences and stayed the season, he was quality.

1965 Newcastle



1965 Eddie Glennon, Peter Kelly &
Mike Parker


Brian Craven

Brian quit for season 1964 having lost his Brother Peter after an on-track accident in 1963.  Brian came back in 1965 and retired for good at the end of season 65



The two pictures shown above were taken at the British League Riders Championship at Belle Vue on Saturday October 16th 1965. Ivan with former Diamond George Major, and one time Brough track record holder Pete Jarman. I don’t have any details from the meeting other than Barry Briggs won. The second photo was taken during the meeting. Whatever Ken is saying must be very interesting.


Alan Butterfield


Picture supplied by Pauline Percival


Left Alan in Middlesbrough colours in 1964.  I think the right hand picture was from 1966 and that is Ivan Mauger's bike Alan is sitting on.

A great team man, Alan was the first rider in the Newcastle team to use a Czechoslovakian ESO engine which he housed in a Mattingley frame. He still lives locally in Consett, Co Durham.  "Butters" is well known for his interest in classic machines, he has 6 classic British bikes and farm machinery including a "Vintage Plough",- What's that about then Alan? He takes part in vintage ploughing competitions, which I hope to get along to see one day.

Picture courtesy of Richard Nicholson

Three of Our 1960s Riders Taken (2007) At Brough Park

Taken in 2007 at Brough Park:- Russ Dent - Ivan Mauger- Alan Butterfield


Russ & Giffy

Ivan Mauger

Ivan with his bikes. He enlisted the services of local mechanic Gordon Stobbs when he was with Newcastle and Gordon remained as Ivan's Mechanic for the rest of Ivan's career.  Ivan admits that Gordon helped him to his track successes.


Ivan Mauger
Lying Second!

This picture proves that Ivan Mauger could be headed at Brough.  This is Hackney Hawk, Colin Pratt out in front.


Another 1966
Team Pic


Graham Coombes

World Championship Round At
Brough Park
The World Championship Round at Brough was held on 23rd May 1966 John scored 11, Graham 5, and Chum 2. Ivan Mauger won the meeting with a 15 maximum and Brian Brett was second on 14.



1966 Newcastle


Courtesy of Barry Stephenson

The website has lots of team photos of the 1966 team and here, above, I show another.  The riders are Alan Butterfield, Graham Coombes, Peter Kelly, Brian Brett standing.  With Mike Watkin, Ivan Mauger and Dave Gifford in front.


Ivan Mauger,
Mike Watkin &
Bill Andrew


Courtesy of Mike Watkin


Mike Watkin &
Bill Andrew

1960's could be Mike Watkin on the left, I have no idea who the other Newcastle rider is, can you supply names and year John
Dave Train says: It's Bill Andrew



Mike Watkin

Mike was born in Gilsland which is a village on the border of Northumberland and Cumbria, about 20 miles (32 km) west of Hexham, and about 18 miles ( 29 km) east of Carlisle,
Mike was with his local track (Brough Park) in 1962-70, and 1975,.  I believe his only other team was Barrow whom he turned out for in 1972 when Newcastle was closed down

Courtesy of Dave Rowland

Local born riders Mike Watkin and Dave Younghusband started riding together in second halves at Brough, they made great progress with Dave moving down the road into the Middlesbrough team and Mike battled his way into the Diamonds team.  Mike made a place in the team his own by some gritty and determined riding.  He became Newcastle's captain and became a non riding captain after breaking his wrist down Newport way.
Mike looking focused, warming up his bike in the pits.
Mike 1963
Courtesy of John Spoor

Mike & The Cravens

Mike Watkin says: This is a tale of happy to sad in the early sixties,
early on in my career in speedway we had a meeting at "Belle Vue", I didn't ride very well but I had never ridden such a big track before. The technique is quite different, the highlight of the night for me was to watch the legend that was Peter Craven, I had seen photo's but not watched him in real life, I went out to the centre green to watch his fourth race and to my delight he missed the gate and had to pass another rider, which he did with ease, once passed and into the next bend he was flat out in full lock and looking forward under the handlebars and then took his left hand off and removed a goggle throwaway. I have never seen anyone with such balance and throttle control, he was for me the best natural rider I would ever see.
At that time I was partnered with Brian Craven, himself  a genius in track craft,( he taught me so much) when talking to Brian about one piece racing leathers, which you could not buy in this country at the time, Peter offered to get me a set in a couple of weeks time when he was in Sweden, which he did, I got a phone call to say that Peter was riding up at Edinburgh in a week and staying overnight, he would call in at Newcastle with the leathers the next day and to have the kettle on....................
The Craven family and the rest of the world lost a warm and generous person as well as a superb speedway rider that night: Mike Watkin.
Mudlark Watkin
Mike Watkin says: It was my first meeting back after an injury (fractured right ankle, I think) it was a world championship round at Belle Vue, a track I had never scored more than a few points at. I had a very bad cold, nose streaming and head aching.  I'm on my own and halfway there. It starts pouring with rain, as you can see, not the most positive situation to be in. I arrived at the track still pouring, surely they must call it off, I hoped. Five minutes later the rain stops (oh dear we are going to race), being a w/championship round it's five rides each, goes out for my first race, passes someone on the first turn and I'm in the lead, three points in the bag and feeling a bit better. My next two rides gave me another five points, amazing!
On the last corner of my fourth ride my steel shoe snaps. My foot kicks back and jams between the back wheel and frame, down I went like a bag of potatoes. I lay there in a lot of pain, the St. John ambulance men came over like a shot and slowly reversed the wheel to get my foot out, this took quite a while.  In the meantime a young St. John trainee had wheeled the stretcher, (yes it was on wheels) onto the track and every time he let go, it ran off down the banking, this caused hoots of laughter in the crowd, and led me to think that they are a bit cruel in Manchester, laughing at my situation.  However having finally removed my foot the pain was now much less. I had to laugh as the young lad was still trying to get the stretcher to stand still on the banking.
Excluded from that one, I put on my spare steel shoe and won my last race.  Eleven points, what's this doing well in wet conditions all about? The drive home seemed much easier !!
Not sure where this "mudlark " thing came from.
Mike Watkin
Update: Dave Train says: Hi John, just seen Mike Watkins piece. His Mudlark nickname came about through a meeting v Leicester, when he got double figures on a very wet track. Mike had previously scored well at Poole in 62 in a meeting which was abandoned at 24-24. As Newcastle [and Boro] had been criticised the previous year for tracking weak sides [poor entertainment] by Poole, the win at Brough and draw at Poole, brought praise from them, and for Mike's performances in particular.

Mudlark: Mike Watkin, wearing the NUFC shirt over his leathers

The Brough Park faithful watched Mike week in week out and for a while he seemed to ride better on a wet track.  In the 60s a track had to be pretty wet for abandonment.  Mike would race for the drier track but could splash his way to a heat win.  He was often the only entertaining rider on the wet stuff.This is a tale of happy to sad in the early sixties,
early on in my career in speedway we had a meeting at "Belle Vue", I didn't ride very well but I had never ridden such a big track before. The technique is quite different, the highlight of the night for me was to watch the legend that was Peter Craven, I had seen photo's but not watched him in real life, I went out to the centre green to watch his fourth race and to my delight he missed the gate and had to pass another rider, which he did with ease, once passed and into the next bend he was flat out in full lock and looking forward under the handlebars and then took his left hand off and removed a goggle throwaway. I have never seen anyone with such balance and throttle control, he was for me the best natural rider I would ever see.
At that time I was partnered with Brian Craven, himself  a genius in track craft,( he taught me so much) when talking to Brian about one piece racing leathers, which you could not buy in this country at the time, Peter offered to get me a set in a couple of weeks time when he was in Sweden, which he did, I got a phone call to say that Peter was riding up at Edinburgh in a week and staying overnight, he would call in at Newcastle with the leathers the next day and to have the kettle on....................
The Craven family and the rest of the world lost a warm and generous person as well as a superb speedway rider that night: Mike Watkin.

Mike & Lowry's Garage In Walker

I lived in Walker in the 1960s and used to pass a garage in Walker, not very far from Brough Park.  Lowry's Garage always seemed to have speedway bikes on Mondays on the frontage.  I stuck my nose in and was told the bikes on that day belonged to Mike Watkin.
So I asked Mike about Lowry's Garage in Walker where I remember seeing him at times as I went past.  He says: - Hi John, your memory of bikes in Lowry's garage is correct, on a Monday afternoon most of us would meet up, Bob Hall who owned the garage and loved speedway allowed the team to pre -race prepare our bikes, this led to some great times as it was not often we could do that together, it was a good time, one particular time I remember, Ivan Mauger was very uptight and stroppy, so after much of a battle we managed to cool him down by putting him head first into the water tank (meant for checking punctures) this got rid of all the tension and we had a good laugh and the bikes were sorted for the evening's racing.
John says: Well you all had a laugh but what about Ivan? ha ha!
Beating The
World Champion
Barry Briggs
Barry Briggs was a notable scalp claimed by Mike when Barry was the reigning world champ and Swindon Robins came to visit. See the picture shown above which shows Mike on the way to that win and what must be one his biggest achievements. I was there and Mike was brilliant.  Oh yeah and the track was dry on that occasion.
Courtesy of Mike Watkin

Mike Left & Ivan Mauger Ole Olsen


Courtesy of Mike Watkin

Trevor James says: Hi John,  Just been flicking through the 1960'2 Part 2 section and found what I think is an incorrect caption. The heading is Mike left with Ivan Mauger (Courtesy of Mike Watkin). Looking at the rider on the inside, I would say that was Ole Olsen in his early days on Tyne-side, possibly 1967. Have you any thoughts on this. Regards Trevor
John says: Yes I agree. We can blame Mike for misleading us into thinking it was Ivan on the inside.  Ole was a bigger lad than Ivan and the above photo shows a rider of Ole's physical stature not Ivans
Mike's Left Leg!

Courtesy of Mike Watkin


The distinctive style of Mike Watkin with Peter Kelly on the outside.  It looks painful to me!

Mike's Testimonial Dinner

Courtesy of Mike Watkin

Mike's Testimonial Dinner: Cricketer the late Colin Milburn, John Gibson Evening Chronicles Chief sports writer, Mike Watkin, Ole Olsen, football's Lawrie McMenemy and Ivan Mauger
Mike Instructing Newcastle United
Mike Mahoney

Courtesy of Mike Watkin


Mike says the NUFC Goalie was a great help with Mike's testimonial and they became great friends for years afterwards.  So did Mahoney get Watkin in goal to return the favour 

Mike says: Hi John, I am going to try and send you some more recent photo's. One of my self and my grandson Evan taken on holiday in 2007 and one of me posing on holiday in 2008 .I much prefer the ones taken in the sixties. Mike W.

Courtesy of Mike Watkin


Courtesy of Mike Watkin

Thank you Mike, there were thousands of us that saw you ride.  You, Russ Dent, Alan Butterfield Dave Younghusband and a few more "locals" managed to live with the world greats in the 1960s British League, the toughest speedway league of all time.  Thanks for some great memories.


Peter Kelly


Another 1966 picture, This is Peter Kelly from Manchester, who spent a number of years at Brough Park.  He was a very dependable rider who could beat the best at times but Peter was never destined to be a top class rider despite his position as a heat leader in the side.  He was incredibly popular and rightly so.  He always rode at his very best for the Diamonds.
Peter and his wife Moira emigrated to New Zealand and live in Christchurch.  They have 4 children one of whom is Helen who has been in touch.  I am hopeful that Helen will be able to supply more pictures and some text?

Peter Kelly dicing with Hackney's Pete Sampson (an ex-diamond too).  Pete now runs the safari park which will house the national speedway museum.  Peter always seemed to have a brilliant white scarf which we got used to see it flapping in the wind!

Peter Kelly v
Long Eaton

Who are these 2 riders The Long Eaton guy looks to be pretty tall, and can you say the year John
Terry Stone thinks the Newcastle rider is Peter Kelly
Larry says: I think the Long Eaton rider is Jon Erskine
So was Jon Erskine quite big then? That design Diamond race jacket was used in the early 1960s and Peter joined Newcastle in 1963 so I date this pic as season '63


Could this be Peter Kelly, or maybe you recognise the track staff guy! John
Dave Train says: this is Peter Kelly as I thought.

Great Handlebars Peter and who is that standing to the right!

Dave Train says:  The shot of Peter Kelly, sat on bike at Middlesbrough, has Ove Fundin to the right of him [Standing] Fundin wasn't allowed to ride in the meeting! but did a few exhibition laps! 


1965 Peter Riding For His Country

Peter Kelly has been in touch and supplied the website with pictures and his "memoirs" too many to show here. Click here if you want to see them.  I have given him his own page in my 1960s range of webpages.  You will find a link to the Peter Kelly page in the "Contents" column.



Russ Dent


Like Mike Watkin and Alan Butterfield, Russ was local, he was a dependable second string for both Newcastle and in the early 1970s for Sunderland.  I say second string but I am talking about the British League not a second division!


Russ capped for England

Russ Larking About!

Russ Dent on 2 wheels!

I’ve a great deal of respect for riders like Russ Dent; they gave a lot to the sport without getting much of the glory. Russ is often to be seen at re-unions and other functions, I last saw him late 2005 at the Sunderland Re-union.  Russ is just as much a Sunderland man as a Newcastle man having spent most of his riding days within Tyne & Wear sides.


Brian Brett


Pictures supplied by Pauline Percival

An excellent action picture of Pommey.  Brian was one of the top English riders in the 1960s

Brian Brett in Newcastle racejacket and also wearing the England kit


The following info comes from Barry Wallace: -

Londoner Brian Brett came in during 1965 as a replacement for Ivan Mauger who was injured. Brian stayed the rest of the 65 season when Mauger returned to the team and they were a potent heat leader spearhead.  Brian topped the averages with 8.82 with Ivan on 8.65 as Mauger struggled to overcome his injury.

In 1966, Brian finished third in the Newcastle averages on 7.74, behind Mauger (9.82) and Peter Kelly (8.05).
Brett turned down the offer of a third year with Newcastle in 1967 and, in today's terms, withheld his services until he was allowed to join Cradley Heath for whom he rode 20 matches, averaging 7.34.

Sadly Brian died during November 2006.


3 Diamonds Plus 1 
Courtesy of Dave Rowland
John says: Peter Kelly, Brian Brett and Mike Watkin but who is second from the right John
Jack Hides says: The third guy from the left looks like Clive Hitch
1965 World Final
Brian scored 9 points and finished 6th and Nigel scored 8 finishing 8th.  Sixth in a world final is pretty good going.  Brian had become the highest place Newcastle rider in any world final.  Pre Ivan Mauger, Ole Olsen etc!

Another Shot Of The 1966 Team
1966 team Mike Watkin, Brian Brett, Alan Butterfield, Ivan Mauger sitting on fellow Kiwi Graham Coombes bike, Russ Dent, Peter Kelly and Graham Coombes  Ivan and Peter are wearing The "Toon" football shirts.  Should have been compulsory in my opinion.


Ove Fundin,
Ivan Mauger &
Ronnie Moore


Why is Ove wearing the Diamond?  If you know why please email me John



Barry Briggs Visiting Brough Park In 1965


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