Team Photographs

I would like to display here, on one long page, a team shot or two from every year from 1929 to date.  For the years where Newcastle wasn't in operation it would be good to show a shot or two from our close neighbours, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.  So can you help? Lets have your team shots for the missing years below. John
There are  a few pictures of the teams where I cannot name the riders, perhaps you can help me by naming the riders. John

1929 Newcastle Brough Team

Newcastle Brough 1929

This is the earliest Newcastle Team line up that I know of.   They rode together at Brough during June 1929 (Brough started 17th May 1929). Left to right :  Fred Creasor, Phil Blake, Walter Creasor, Ernie Smith, Tommy Storey and Percy Dunn

Newcastle Gosforth

Newcastle Gosforth 1929 (began 1st June 1929)


Harry Huntly, Jim Holden, Frank (Yank) Harrison and Arnie Cattell on the bike.  This team were wearing the Black n White stripes of NUFC which Brough's 1960s teams adopted too.


1930 No Team Picture From
Either Venue

1930 - no picture.  As Newcastle Brough staged open meetings only in this year, a team shot is unlikely.  Newcastle Gosforth did operate in the Northern League so maybe someone will have a team photo of the Gosforth riders.  Can you help?  John



1931-1937 - Both Tracks Closed

Brough Park closed down on 4th July 1930 and Gosforth Park closed 3rd October 1930 although Newcastle Gosforth tried a one off experimental meeting on 29th July 1931.  The venture was deemed a failure and Gosforth has never seen speedway again and an ASDA store occupies the plot that was the Gosforth Speedway Track.  Brough Park remained closed from 1930 - 1937 and reopened in 1938, brilliant timing as war clouds were gathering.

Courtesy of Keith Dyer

Newcastle 1938. A white diamond on a red background.

Speedway was brought back to Brough Park by Johnnie Hoskins after an 8 year gap .  The fans flocked to the stadium despite the depression and they started a supporters club. Reg Hay extreme left, Rol Stobbart 3rd from right, George Pepper is on the bike. Can you name rest of the riders  John
Col Greenwell says:  I think 2nd from right is Maurice Stobbart and 4th from left Kid Curtis
Tom Marriott says: From the left standing 2nd is Bruce Venier, 3rd is Bob Sparks, 5th is Elwood Stilwell.
Bill Walsh says: Norman Hargreaves is at extreme right.
Another 1938 Team Photograph
Courtesy of Ian Young
I have received the team photo scan from Ian, shown above. Can you confirm the year (I think 1938?) If you can name the riders please let me know so I can update this webpage John
Tom Marriott says: From left. 3rd Bruce Venier 5th Elwood Stillwell 6th Robert (Bob) Sparks. All Canadians.
I think it is possible that Norman Newton is at extreme left.  If you can name the riders please let me know so I can update this webpage John
Ian Young says: first rider on the left could be Norman Newton.
John says: I agree it looks like him from another photo on the site and the two standing at right hand side look like Bob Sparks and Rol Stobbart.  Help please with the rest  John
Tom Marriott says: From left. 3rd Bruce Venier 5th Elwood Stillwell 6th Robert (Bob) Sparks. All Canadians.
More info received via my name the riders pages on my Defunct Speedway website as follows: -
I have received the Newcastle Diamonds team photo scan shown above from Ian Young. Can you confirm the year (I think 1938) If you can name the riders please let me know so I can update this webpage John The Diamonds in those days wore a white diamond on a red background unlike the team since 1961 which has always been Black n White.
Reg Fearman says: Pre war Newcastle Diamonds. Looks like Fred 'Kid' Curtis to me second left and Butch Williams fourth left, both were attached to West Ham later. Butch Williams went to Dagenham in 1939 and in 1946 joined West Ham as a mechanic - that was when all first division tracks, at least, had their own workshops. 'Kid' was on loan to Middlesbrough then reverted to West Ham. Hope this is a start for the photo.
John says: Yes it has got us off the starting gate Reg! Can anyone name the rest and confirm what I think, that these are some of the riders Newcastle used in 1939 or was it 1938? John
Col Greenwell says: Norman Newton? I don't know him, but he looks to be the rider nearest the camera on your unnamed Diamonds team from 1938/39 Kid Curtis second along from left.
John says:  I am wavering over the year and now think it is earlier, probably 1938
Steve Baker says: Hi John, I have done a bit of research on the Norman Newton and Pre War Diamonds pictures and have found out the following. Firstly Norman rode a handful of meetings for the Diamonds in early 1938 and then seems to have disappeared! He didn't ride in 1939 therefore I believe the team photo of the Diamonds was actually 1938 not 39. The Diamonds team in that picture is left to right Norman Newton, Kid Curtis, Bruce Venier, Unknown ( I'll come back to that in a moment ), Elwood Stillwell, Bob Sparks and Maurice Stobbart.
As far as the unknown guy is concerned, I have to disagree with Reg Fearman when he says it is Butch Williams as I don't think he ever rode for the Diamonds. There are a number of big names missing from the photo such as George Pepper, Rol Stobbart and Norman Hargreaves, though none of these are the missing man. The only other names I can come up with are Percy Dunn and Fred Marshall who made brief appearances in 38, however as I have no idea what these chaps look like I cannot say if the mystery man is either of these. Maybe someone else can throw some light on that one!
1938 Team
Courtesy of Glyn Blackburn 


Courtesy of Keith Dyer

Bill Goodall, Kid Curtis, Sid Littlewood, Maurice Stobbart, Team Manager - Reg Hey, George Pepper (Capt. on Machine), Promoter Johnnie Hoskins, Rol Stobbart (kneeling), Ken Brett, and Norman Hargreaves.  I don't know who the other 2 suits are. 



Track Closed for the duration of World War 2! September 1939, along came Hitler and the 2nd World War, so the track action was cut short as riders and the fans had more important things to do for the next few years.  


1945 - No Picture

As Brough Park staged open meetings only, in this year, a Team Photo is unlikely. 
Can you help?


1946 - No picture

 No team photo for 1946.  Can you help?  John

1947 team Left to right: Ken Le Breton , Danny Calder, Doug McLachlan, Johnny Hunt, Peter Lloyd, Pat Smith, John S Hoskins (Promoter), Alec (Farmer) Grant, (Grandfather of Rob Grant Junior), Wilf Jay, Len Gallagher, Bonny Waddell, Norman Evans (Captain).

Courtesy of Gavin Parr
Courtesy of Glyn Blackburn

1948 team:  Unknown, Alec Grant, Unknown, Norman Evans on bike, Johnnie Hoskins, Ern Brecknell, Ken LeBreton, Peter Lloyd Unknown

Courtesy of Colin Greenwell
Another 1948 Photo
Newcastle Diamonds
Red & White
Until 1961
As there are no colour photos from this era (that I have seen) I am including the above "modern" colour photo.  Veteran rider Tag Allison wearing the 1940s Diamonds body colour.  It is a replica worn by Tag in demonstration races.  Red and white was used in 1938-39, 1946-48, 1950-51 and changed to a large N for the 1949 Magpies season with the change of promoter. 
The familiar black and white diamond was seen for the first time in 1961

1949 Newcastle Magpies
Courtesy of Col Greenwell
Don Lawson, Derek Close, Frank Hodgson, Benny King, Manager Harry Whitfield, Front Row: Ern Brecknell, Son Mitchell, Jack Hodgson and Herby King
1949 The Newcastle Magpies
Left to right, back row: Jack Hodgson, Ken Thompson, Joe Arthur, Herby King. Front row: Derek Close, Ern Brecknell, Frank Hodgson (Captain), Son Mitchell.


Ern Brecknell Son Mitchell Don Lawson Wilf Jay (on bike) Bill Lowther Derek Close Don Wilkinson Herby King pose and in the background a packed back straight grandstand.  Why did the promotion pull out just a year later?  Attendances were great!




Track Closed


Early 1961
Line Up 
Promoters Mike Parker and Reg Fearman reopened Brough Park with Mike at the helm.  The Diamond was kept but the team colours were changed from red and white to black and white.  I understand the team captain Don Wilkinson suggested to promoter Mike Parker that the previous era saw Newcastle Diamonds in Red and White but he (Don) thought Newcastle should be black and white like the football team
Above: Early 1961 Team : Maurice Morley (Manager), Slant Payling, George Major, Gordie Mitchell, Norman Redmond, Front: Johnny Green, Don Wilkinson (Capt), Peter Lloyd

Later 1961Team

1961 after team strengthening: Don Wilkinson (Capt), George Major, Gordie Mitchell, Mike Parker (Promoter), Gil Goldfinch, George Glen, Pat Flanaghan, Maurice Morley (Manager), and kneeling Slant Payling, Anyone know who the mascot was and anyone know why George Glen was wearing a Halloween pumpkin around his neck!


Peter Kelly, Ivan Crozier, Mike Watkin (I think) Jack Winstanley, Ivan Mauger, Brian Craven and Bob Duckworth 

Ivan Crozier, Mike Watkin, Jack Winstanley, Bob Duckworth, Peter Kelly, Ivan Mauger and Brian Craven.  The team were kitted out with 2 different race jackets in the 1960s.  In Seasons 1961, 1962 and 1983

The race jacket was black with a big white diamond as can be seen above.  From 1964 to 1969 the race jackets also had a white border around the diamond



Bill Andrew, Russ Dent, Mike Watkin, Mike Parker, Ivan Mauger, Goog Allen, Ken Sharples and Peter Kelly.  Ken and Peter are modeling the pre 1964 race jackets


Peter Kelly, Mike Watkin, Brian Brett, Goog Allen, Ken Sharples. Kneeling Russ Dent and Brian Craven



Mike Watkin, Brian Brett, Alan Butterfield, Ivan Mauger (on bike) Russ Dent, Peter Kelly, Graham Coombes.


Back: Russ Dent, Dave Gifford and Mike Watkin Front: Brian Craven, Ivan Mauger, Brian Brett Peter Kelly


The above picture's race jackets feature bigger diamonds worn by Ivan & Butters for no reason I can recall


Dave Gifford, Mike Watkin, Alf Wells, Tom Graham, Ole Olsen, Goog Allan, Alan Butterfield with Ivan Mauger on the bike which is an ESO



With the 1960's drawing to a close out went Ivan Mauger, Ole Olsen and promoter Mike Parker.  In came Anders Michanek, Dag Lovaas and promoter Ian Hoskins (Son of Johnnie Hoskins whom was in charge during 1938/39 and our post war boom years).  The race jacket was changed for 1970 to that modeled above
At the end of the 1970 season the promoters wanted to drop down to the second division but the stadium owners, the Greyhound Association said no to that plan and consequently the track was to close down for the fourth time since 1929.  What business was it of the Greyhound landlords whether we dropped down a league to continue having speedway paying rent to them.


Track Closed



Ron Henderson, Tim Swales, Joe Owen, Robbie Blackadder, Phil Michalaedies, Town Owen Brian Havelock on bike with son Gary Havelock



Robbie Blackadder, Tom Owen, Tim Swales, Brian Havelock (on bike), Dave Younghusband, Joe Owen, Ron Henderson Andy Cusworth and Phil Michelides (kneeling)


Ron Henderson, Taffy Owen, Dave Younghusband, Tom Owen, Robbie Blackadder Brian Larner, Andy Cusworth Phil Kynman
1977 Ron Henderson, Phil Michelides, Dave Younghusband, Tom Owen (on bike), Nigel Crabtree, Robbie Blackadder, Robbie Gardner and Eddie Argall


1978 Diamonds Back: Kevin McDonald, Peter Moy, Rob Maxfield, Robbie Blackadder, Neil (Fish) Coddington, Tom Owen. Front: Paul Cook (mascot), Robbie Gardner, Kenny Carter, Chris Prime, David Bargh, Nigel Crabtree.  


1978 Robbie Gardner, David Bargh, Kenny Carter, Tom Owen, Robbie Blackadder, and Rod Hunter



1979 - Dave Younghusband, David Bargh, Tom Owen (on bike) Robbie Blackadder Graeme Stapleton Rod Hunter
Neil Coddington & Nigel Crabtree



Robbie Blackadder, Derek Richardson, Tom Owen, Rod Hunter, Nigel Crabtree, Keith Bloxsome, David Bargh and team manager Dave Younghusband



1981 Back row: David Bargh, Alan Emerson, Rod Hunter, Front: Robbie Blackadder, Glen MacDonald, Local rider Paul McHale and Keith Bloxsome.



Left to right: Alan Emerson, Tom Owen, Joe Owen, Paul McHale, Bobby Beaton, Robbie Blackadder, Keith Bloxsome.


1982 press day.  Bobby Beaton, Robbie Blackadder, Keith Bloxsome, Paul McHale, Joe Owen, Alan Emerson and Tom Owen on the bike


1982 Team with the 4 team tournament trophy.  Dave Younghusband (Manager), Alan Emerson, Tom Owen (Capt.), Joe Owen, ..Front: Rod Hunter, Keith Bloxsome, Bobby Beaton and Robbie Foy, was it 1982 or 1983?

Joe Wake advises that the picture is 1982 

The year? 1983 - The picture is courtesy of The Journal and was given to me by Dave Rowland as the site did not have a picture of the all conquering 1983 side.  Now as to the riders in this photo (my memory isn't good)  I say Bobby Beaton, Dave Younghusband, not known, David Bargh, Joe Owen, not known, not known and Rod Hunter.  Help please John
Tony Richardson says: I think they are Bobby Beaton, Dave Younghusband, This looks like Dave Walsh, Alan Emerson, Joe Owen, Bernie Collier, Martin Scarisbrick, Rod Hunter. 
Andy Daly says: The riders are from the left: Bob Beaton, manager Dave Younghusband, ‘mystery man’ 3rd from left is, I am almost certain Dave Walsh, Alan Emerson, Cap Joe Owen, Bernie Collier, Martin Scarisbrick, and Rod Hunter. Should the ‘mystery man’ turn out not to be Dave Walsh, then as I say, an educated guess would be John Place.  Regards, Andy 

1984: Rod Hunter David Bargh Joe Owen Phil White.  Front Martin Scarisbrick, Reg Wilson and Eddie Ingels. This 1984 team competed in the tough British League after promoter Ian Thomas bowed to fan pressure and "promoted" the Diamonds to the top league.  They struggled and poor Ian lost money heavily he pulled out at the end of the 1984 season and speedway at Brough Park closed down for the 5th time!  We can thank Ian (now deceased) for the most successes ever, by Newcastle teams over Ian's 10 year stint in control.


1985 Track Closed


1986 Newcastle
The Federation Specials
Only closed for one year ( 1985) Promoter John Turner brought the sport back.  He had a sponsorship with the local "Ace of Clubs" Federation Brewery and renamed the team Newcastle Federation Specials to advertise the sponsors name.
1986 team standing left to right:- Paul Stead, Dave Morton, Keith Bloxsome, Dave Perks, David Blackburn. Kneeling: Gary O'Hare and Bernie Collier. 

Eric Stead took over for his unsuccessful spell as Newcastle Promoter lasting just one season and Brough Park closed it's doors to speedway in September 1987 that was the 6th time the track put up the shutters.
1987 team. Standing left to right: Mark Courtney, Paul Cooper, Eric Stead (promoter), Roland Tebbs, Bobby Duncan, Dave Morton. Kneeling: Gary O'Hare and David Blackburn, with Joe Owen (team manager) in the middle.
Courtesy of Mike Birtles

Firstly many thanks to Mike for sharing his photo with us.  Mike thinks his photo is from 1975/76  and features Steve Wicks, Tom Owen (on bike), David Blackburn ,Gary O Hare, kneeling Mark Courtney and Dave Morton.

John says:  I agree the riders names Mike but the picture is of the 1987 Federation Diamonds


1988 Track Closed


Barry Wallace and Richard Bailey under the name Spectake saved the day and re-opened Brough Park for the 7th time in 1989.
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Please help with the line up John
Paul Carnell says: Anthony Hulme, possibly Dave Younghusband, (kneeling) David Clarke, Simon Green, Tom Graham (team manager), Peter Carr, Mark Thorpe, Barry Wallace (stadium announcer and co-promoter) (kneeling) Rod Hunter, Derek Richardson

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Please help with this line up John
 Paul Carnell says: Debmat became the sponsors and Dicko and Barghy came in. The side did change a couple of times at second string and reserve around this time. The image you have listed for 1990
Spencer Timmo, David Bargh, John Wainwright, Tom Graham (team manager), Peter Carr (on bike), Martin Dixon, Mark Thorpe (kneeling), Simon Green
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Please help with the line up John
Paul Carnell says: Mark Thorpe, Gordon Whittaker, (on bike) Peter Carr, Martin Dixon, David Bargh, Tom Graham (team manager), possibly John Wainwright, Simon Green

Debmat Diamonds

1991 Barry Wallace stepped down as promoter and Richard Bailey and Bill Reay headed a large group,  I think my shares made me one of them? to keep the Diamonds going.  You may notice kneeling on the left Richard Juul.  Dickie's affiliation with Newcastle Speedway goes back a lot of years.  I make it 10 years as a rider and a few more helping behind the scenes.  This 1991 image is poor but I can make out David Bargh and Mark Thorpe
1991 team photo from a different angle, can you name them please John
Tony Richardson  says: Team from left to right Promoter not known, Scott Lamb, Kneeling Richard Juul, Dave Bargh, Martin Dixon (on bike), Brian Havelock (Team Manager), Mark Thorpe, Jamie Habbin I think (nickname Pink Panther I think), kneeling not known
Update: Craig McCurdy says: - I think the rider kneeling on the right is Brian Nixon (Australian)
Steve Park says: The Promoter is Bill Reay
Steve Brock has kindly supplied a number of his photographs from 1991 to 2017
They follow below: - 
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Tony Richardson  says: Team from left to right Promoter not known, Scott Lamb, Kneeling Richard Juul, Dave Bargh, Martin Dixon (on bike),  Mark Thorpe, Jamie Habbin I think (nickname Pink Panther I think), kneeling not known
Update: Craig McCurdy says: - I think the rider kneeling on the right is Brian Nixon (Australian)
Steve Park says: The Promoter is Bill Reay
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Back row: David Bargh, Martin Dixon, Brian Havelock (Team Manager) with the Gold Cup, Scott Lamb, Richard Juul.  Front row: Mark Thorpe, middle = not known and right Jamie Habbin.
Greg Alder says: The missing names are, Phil Jeffrey black leathers holding cup and Max Schofield centre front. 
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Unknown 1, Unknown 2, Mark Thorpe, Richard Juul, David Bargh (on bike), Scott Lamb, Brian Havelock, Unknown 3 and Unknown 4.  Please help by naming the unknown riders John
Paul Carnell says: Unknown1 Phil Jeffrey, Unknown2 Dave Hamnet, Unknown back row Brian Andersen Unknown kneeling Max Schofield
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Unknown 1, Brian Havelock, David Bargh, Unknown 2, Scott Lamb, Richard Juul.  Front: Mark Thorpe, Unknown 3 and Unknown 4.  Please help by naming the unknown riders John
Paul Carnell says: Back row Unknown 1 Brian Andersen then  Unknown 2 Bill Reay Front row unknowns Phil Jeffrey centre with trophy Max Schofield


Debmat Diamonds 1992

David Nagel Wayne Garratt Mark Thorpe David Bargh Brian Havelock Richard Juul Scot Norman  Kneeling Phil Jeffrey and Max Schofield
Wayne Garratt in 1992 back row, far right, became the 4th rider to lose his life as a result of crashing at Brough Park.  He joined Chris Prime 1978 and in 1946 Charlie Appleby and Bill Nichol.  I hope this list will never again be added to.
Steve Brock has come to my rescue with the following photos from 1992: -
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Wayne Garratt, Richard Juul, Brian Havelock, David Bargh, Mark Thorpe, Unknown 1 and kneeling Unknown 2 and Unknown 3.  Please help by naming the unknown riders John
Paul Carnell says: Scott Norman is the standing unknown and the 2 kneeling unknown are Max Scofield and Phil Jeffrey
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Wayne Garratt, Richard Juul, David Bargh (on bike) Brian Havelock, Mark Thorpe Unknown and both lads kneeling also unknown, email me with the names please John
Courtesy of Steve Brock
My thanks to our clubs free-lance photographer Steve Brock for sending me all of these team photographs.  Steve has provided his photo images for the good of Newcastle Speedway and I am putting them on the History Website for the same reason so please do not use the images to make money from Steve's work with his camera's or my efforts with the website. 

1993: A change of body jackets and sponsor these are the Auto Coachworks Diamonds.  Rear: Garry Stead Max Schofield Phil Jeffrey Mark Thorpe Front: Scott Robson David Nagel Stuart Robson Paul Thorp.  Both Robbo's in this line up.  Stuart is a member of the current Diamonds line up (2014 as I type this!) Scott has hung up his kevlars. Stuart is the "youngster", second from the right, front row, 21 years ago Stuart! keep going mate you are still doing the business in 2014.
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Email me with the riders names please John
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Email me with the riders names please John

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Email me with the riders names please John
Paul Carnell says: Back row: Richard Juul, Max Schofield, Brian Havelock (manager) Mark Thorpe (on bike) Gary Stead, Neil Evitts, Front: Stuart Robson, Scott Robson
Brough closed down, the 7th time at the end of 1994.  I thought then that we needed local promoters that were prepared to run things as a vocation not as a business.  I thought we had closed a couple of times when we could have kept going if only we had had local promoters prepared to weather the storms. 


1995 - 1996
Track Closed


Many fans came back in 1997 wondering how long the team would last this time, me amongst them.  Happily this re-opening saw local men George English junior and Dave Rowland as promoters under the name Newspeed.  Newcastle joined the Premier League which was actually the sports second tier for the eighth  re-opening, ninth if you counted the first opening season 1929!  Maybe Brough had just won the British Speedway re-openings title!
Courtesy of Steve Brock

1997 - Glyn Taylor, Brian Turner, Paul Bentley, Jesper Olsen, Andre Compton and Stuart Swales.  My favourite Diamonds racejacket.  The promoters George and Dave in my opinion could do the job but I thought we still we needed a benefactor to come in with some real cash.  I looked at my bank statements and decided even though I wanted to, I couldn't help, so George and Dave would have to go it alone without any help from yours truly.

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
L-R Jonathon Swales, Malcolm Hogg, James Birkenshaw and Stuart Swales, Jesper Olsen on the bike, Brent Werner and Nicki Pedersen kneeling.  Nicki turned out to be the best signing Newcastle had made since Anders Michanek back in 1970 with due respect to Tom and Joe Owen.  Nicki was better and he went on to be world champion 3 times (as at 2014)
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock



Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

In 2000 Darryl Illingworth joined George English and Dave Rowland as promoter.  Darryl's arrival gave the promotional team a bit more collateral.  He was not a millionaire but he did inject some much needed cash to help the team.  Which must have taken a lot of  pressure off George and Dave.
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Darryl Illingworth Jesper Olsen Richard Juul Rob Grant Kevin Little Andre Compton Bjarne Pedersen George English and Kenny Smith celebrating major success.  The winning 2001 team was led by Bjarne Pedersen but behind Bjarne at number 1 were fine riders who got the points needed over the season to win the title.

2001 Champions Jesper Olsen, Rob Grant jnr, Richard Juul, Barne Pedersen  Kneeling: Kevin Little and Andre Compton.  Jesper was suffering badly from a dislocated shoulder.  If he had been fully fit the championship win would have been easier.  Rob Grant was from a speedway dynasty.  His father Rob Grant senior was a top performer for Berwick over the years and young rob's grand father Alec "farmer" Grant was a member of Newcastle's team in the 1940s


Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

James Grieves Christian Henry Phil Morris Richard Juul Jamie Robertson with Josef "Pepe" Franc and Lubos Tomicek Kneeling and no I don't have the girls phone number!
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock


A good shot of everyone from 2006 courtesy of Steve Brock. line up is George English, George Stancl, Barry Wallace, Adam Mckinna, Joan English, Darryl Illingworth, Christian Henry, Andrew Dalby, Jamie Robertson, James Grieves on the bike and Kneeling Josef Franc and Manu Hausinger

Courtesy of Steve Brock

2006, The Tyne Bridge. Josef (Pepe) Franc, Jamie Robertson, James Grieves, Christian Henry, Adam McKinna, Manu Hausinger and George Stancl.  These are 2 of many great photographs from the camera of Steve Brock,  Visit his website here Steve

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock



Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock


2008 Sapphire Diamonds with the team Sponsor


Jamie Robertson Sean Stoddart Ben Powell Jason King  Josef Pepe Franc Christian Henry and George Stancl

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Courtesy of Steve Brock 
Courtesy of Steve Brock 
Courtesy of Steve Brock  

Courtesy of Steve Brock 
Courtesy of Steve Brock  

Courtesy of Steve Brock  
Courtesy of Steve Brock   

Courtesy of Steve Brock 
Courtesy of Steve Brock  
Courtesy of Steve Brock   
Courtesy of Steve Brock   


  Steve Brock Photography
My thanks to Steve Brock for supplying so many of the team photos.  If you need a photographer why not contact Steve, his talents are obvious see above.

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