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Ivan Mauger
Newcastle's Brightest Diamond Ivan Mauger
This site is not an "official history," of the Diamonds, although it is quite accurate.  None of the comments are neccessarily the official view of the club owners/promoters

Newcastle Book
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Courtesy of Joe Wake

Joe Wake says: This is a 447 page A4 sized book which includes heat details from all Newcastle home and away main meetings that were available at the time of printing. Also includes seasonal league tables, riders' averages and statistical appendices. It is NOT a picture book and only the front and back covers are illustrated. Available now for 22.50 costing 18 plus 4.50 postage and packing within the United Kingdom. Payment by PayPal and any enquiries please to

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Fish & Crabs!

Neil (Fish) Coddington (Deceased) & Nigel Crabtree


Newcastle Diamonds

Veteran rider Tag Allison showing the 1940s Diamonds body colour.  It seems red and white was used in 1938-39, 1946-48, 1950-51 and changed to a large N for the 1949 Magpies season with the change of promoter.  The familiar black and white diamond was seen for the first time in 1961



The History Of
Newcastle Speedway

Gordon Byers Newcastle 1929 1938-39: Canadian George Pepper Ken Le Breton Brian Craven Mid 1960's: New Zealander Ivan Mauger Late 1960's: Dane, Ole Olsen 1970 Anders Michanek
From left to right Gordon Byers 1929, George Pepper 1938-39, Ken Le Breton 1947-48,  Brian Craven 1962-63, 1965-66, Ivan Mauger 1963-68, Ole Olsen 1967-69, Anders Michanek 1970, Joe Owen 1975-76, 1982-84, and Nicki Pedersen 1998

Newcastle's 4 world champions, Ivan Mauger, Ole Olsen, Anders Michanek and Nicki Pedersen are featured throughout the website along with the many Newcastle riders who didn't win any world championships. Many thanks to the riders, promoters and fans around the world who have contributed their pictures and memories to share with us on this site.  The Newcastle Speedway History website will never be finished so if you want to contribute send me an e-mail

My thanks go to my daughter Helen Skinner for her help with concept and design.   Special thanks to Dave Train who supplied so many photographs at the beginning that I lost count. Without help like Dave's the History Site idea may have floundered.  Dave Rowland too helped me get the website off the ground and a whole host of others since 2004 when I first launched a couple of webpages.

Tyneside Speedway started here at Whitley Bay, seaside resort  Newcastle's other track, Gosforth.  First meeting at Brough Park.  Sand track at Druridge Bay up the coast from Newcastle.  Training track just up the A1 from Newcastle  1977, Newcastle and Ellesmere Port, always a great contest

     Speedway, come grasstrack come scrambling at Greenside 1920's and 30's     Sunderland, on wearside kicked off in 1964 with this match against Newcastle     Ashington Arrows, 1971    Early Middlesborough programme, 'Boro is 35 miles down the A19 from Newcastle


Although this is a Newcastle Speedway History site I have included some information on the other north eastern venues, which sadly at the time of writing this (2005), have all closed down..

Brian Craven
My first speedway hero Brian Craven, early 1960s

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