Newcastle's  Achievements


A regular contributor to the website, Keith Dyer has been busy compiling a list of the teams achievements for me to add to this page.   I reproduce Keith's list here and will add to it hopefully when we win something!
Team Achievements
1939- Top of the National League Div 2 at the outbreak of World War 2 in 1939                             
1963 Provincial League Riders Champion - Ivan Mauger      
1964- Provincial League Champions                                          
1964 Provincial League Riders Champion - Ivan Mauger      
1976- National League Champions      
1982- National League Champions      
1983- National League Champions      
2001- Premier League Champions      
KO Cup Achievements      
1976- National League KO Cup Winners      
1982- National League KO Cup Winners      
Premier League KO Cup Winners
Supernational Achievements      
1982- National League Supernational Winners      
1983- National League Supernational Winners      
National League 4 Team Championship Achievements    
1976- 4 Team Champions      
1982 4 Team Champions      
1983- 4 Team Champions      
Division 2 Gold Cup Achievements    
1991 Division 2 Gold Cup Winners
1992 Division 2 Gold Cup Winners      
Premier Trophy Achievements    
2010 Premier Trophy Winners      
Individual & Best Pairs Achievements    
1967 World Speedway Champion - Ivan Mauger.   Ivan is still the only rider to win the world crown whilst still a member of the team.
1975 National Best Pairs Winners - Brian Havelock and Tom Owen    
Premier League Riders Championship Achievements    
2010 PLRC Winner - Kenni Larsen 13 points      
I know this list is incomplete and not up to date.  If you want to point me to the other success please email me here John

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