Newcastle Speedway
The new decade has dawned with a new owner: Rob Grant.  Rob rode for us 2001-2002.  Rob's father and grandfather were also speedway riders (pictures follow below) : -
Rob rode for Newcastle 2001-2002.
Father and son Rob Grant senior and Rob Grant junior.  Rob senior never joined his local club and is best known as an accomplished Berwick rider and young Rob's grandad Alec started the family's interest in speedway.
Alec Grant
Alec Grant aka "Farmer Grant" had his first rides before the war and rode for Newcastle 1946-1948

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Steve Brock is a Newcastle upon Tyne based professional photographer looking to collaborate with you.  
Steve says "If you have a project in mind, Let's work together."
If you would like to join the band of sponsors, send me an email. John I will pass it on to the promoters and add your details to this website as a priority.  I will also add your company details to my  website and  website totally free of charge

Rob Grant &
Max Clegg
Rob loses no time in making Max his first signing for 2020 2021.  During Max's 2019 season he rode more like a heatleader at times, than a reserve.
He is doubling up/down with the Gems in the National League where he should be a dominant force.
Matthew Wethers
2020 2021
Matthew became Rob's second signing. Like everyone he missed season 2020 but is back for 2021
Connor Mountain  &  James Wright
Claus Vissing was signed up for the ill-fated 2020 season and his name was added to the 2021 line up too, only to fall foul of the politics of Brexit
 and the Pandemic. The promotion decided that employing an overseas rider would be too uncertain and more expensive.  So they let Claus go and brought back Connor Mountain as a more cost-effective assett.  He is unlikely to get anywhere near Vissing's average but at least the team can operate more viably with an eye to season 2022 and beyond.

James has been missing for a number of seasons so this is his comeback year.  He is likely to start the campaign in a reserve berth from where he should feature in extra rides.

2020 2 Riders That Never Were
Ondřej Smetana & Nick Škorja
Ondřej is the elder of the pair.  He is a Czech, Nick is a Slovenian, beyond this I know very little about them. We hoped that they would hit the ground running and get amongst the points home and away.  As we were all victims of the Pandemic lockdown restrictions!  They didn't  get to ride at Brough Park in 2020 and they are moving on for 2021.  Perhaps they will get an opportunity one day, to show us what we have missed!

Adam Roynon
Speedway GB say: ADAM Roynon is back in the Championship after agreeing to join Newcastle for the 2021 season.

Roynon replaces Ondrej Smetana as the Diamonds have changed plans due to new legislation concerning EU riders. With the club electing not to wait on their application for a licence.  Manager Darren Hartley said: “Adam is likely to start 2021 at reserve with James Wright, which as team manager will give me far more options through meetings".  “We've seen Adam ride in the last few weeks and I can say we're delighted with what we've witnessed as he was racing up against Danny King, and he was certainly right on the pace with the former British Champion and looking more than capable of doing a great job for the Diamonds.  “We all want to wish Ondrej the very best of luck and hope in the fullness of time we can invite him back to Tyneside to join the Diamonds. This licence is something we hope we can gain, but we cannot put our team-building on hold just in case we're not accepted.”
John says: With so much uncertainty over foreign riders and getting the necessary licence paperwork together our promoters have made what I think is a very good signing in Englishman Adam Roynon.  The lad has had a whole season out thanks to the Pandemic Virus so his injury-hit career should see him starting with a clean bill of health in 2021 and a low average, he could begin 2021 in a Newcastle Reserve berth.
Joe Alcock
Joe completes the Diamonds 1-7.  He will also turn out for the Gems
Ben Barker
Newcastle were looking to strengthen their 2021 championship team and have brought in Cornishman Ben Barker to form a strong heatleader pair with Claus Vissing only to announce later that they were letting Claus go due to uncertainty over the new regs on foreign riders and also as a cost cutting exercise.   I have often wondered just how much a season commuting to and from Denmark would come to.  The remaining place in the 2021 line up was offered to Connor Mountain and he agreed.  So Ben Barker becomes our number 1 rider

Newcastle Gems
The Gems have been brought back to the 3rd tier, National League racing in 2021 by Rob Grant. I hope the move pays off for him.
1. Max Clegg  24 yr old from Brighouse,Yorkshire 2. Josh Embleton 25 Yr old from Newcastle 
 3. Ryan Terry-Daley 26 Yr old from London  4. Kelsey Dugard 22 Year old, youngest son of ex England rider Martin Dugard
5. Joe Alcock 22 Yr old from Stoke on Trent
6. Danny Smith 16 Yr old from Newcastle upon Tyne
7. Archie Freeman 16 Yr old from Newcastle  Archie Freeman 2020 Archie and Danny complete the Gems 1-7 and BTS is the Gem's Sponsor

Archie Freeman
NEWCASTLE youngster Archie Freeman has followed his 16th birthday by signing a full contract with the club.

Freeman, who impressed in this year’s 500cc British Youth series after winning the 150cc class in 2018, will initially line up as part of the Diamonds’ National League programme but is set to gain experience by travelling with the senior side to Championship fixtures. Manager Darren Hartley said: “It's brilliant for Newcastle to get this strong young local lad into our squad. “He will be looked after and integrated  into the Diamonds’ pit activity to get him accustomed to the whole match atmosphere at its heart, and that in itself will bring him on in leaps and bounds with experience of real matches in progress.

“We have massive belief in Archie's ability, and his future progress, which we as his home track were always desperate to make sure took place with us.  “Brough Park is a track he's learned a lot about since he started training there on small bikes many, many years ago and the crowd who watch the second half racing will know what we're on about having seen his young racing. This signing will be good for him, and good for us.”

Picture: Archie Freeman with promoter Rob Grant courtesy of STEVE BROCK
(Library picture from November 2019)
Archie Speedway Star
Courtesy of Speedway Star
Courtesy of Speedway Star

Darren Hartley
Ex referee Darren has taken on team manager duties
At the press and practise weekend it emerged that Darren wouldn't be team manager and the role goes to Nigel Hinchliffe of Sheffield and later in the 2021 season Nigel was replaced by Steve Pate.

John says: The Coronavirus outbreak looks like badly affecting 2020 sporting events so the Rob Grant era is up against it right from
the beginning.  Let us hope that Granty will not incur any unusual expenses without a speedway income to pay for it!
So we are just a few weeks away from season 2021, Pandemic permitting.  If  you have any old photos etc or memories of Newcastle's past
please get in touch
, to see if we can add to our  Newcastle Speedway History website
The 2021 Diamonds
Courtesy of Steve Brock Photography
Max Clegg, Ben Barker, Matthew Weathers, James Wright, Adam Roynon and kneeling Joe Alcock & Connor Mountain
Another 2021 Line Up
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Picture taken after the Diamonds had defeated the league leading Glasgow Tigers on 15th August 2021.  Connor Mountain, Guest Aaron Summers in for the injured Matty Wethers, Adam Roynon, Ben Barker, Archie Freeman, Max Clegg and James Wright.

Courtesy of Steve Brock Photography
The riders in Red scored 6 points! Max Clegg, Joe Alcock, Adam Roynon and Matthew Wethers.
Newcastle's first Championship
match since October 2019
KO Cup
Edinburgh v Newcastle 1st Leg
4th June 2021
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
Courtesy of Wattie Dunlop
It's such a novelty to have a match.  This is a cup tie with the second leg at Newcastle on Sunday 6th June 2021.  The Diamonds team did well to finish just 4 points between the 2 sides at Armadale.  My daughter and I will be at Brough for the second leg.  I am always optimistic so I will go for a narrow 2 legged win for Newcastle.  I will post details of the second leg on here no matter who wins.
Looking forward to being in Brough again - Speedway 1 Coronavirus 0
Newcastle's first Championship
home match since October 2019 
KO Cup 2nd Leg
Courtesy of H Skinner
So no fairytale start to the diamonds KO Cup.  We were KO'd by a team with 2 top talents, the Worrall twins and the amazing Aussie Josh Pickering who again demonstrated how to ride Brough Park.  He makes full throttle passing maneuvers look easy!
Newcastle's first National League
home match
Courtesy of H Skinner

Grant Picks Up The Bill
Rob as a fledgling promoter took over the club for better or for worse.  He found out after signing up as Newcastle Speedway's Promoter, that it was "for worse".  The outgoing promoters (George English & Colleagues) hadn't paid all the bills and Granty found himself saddled with a lot of debt, none of it of his own making!  2020 went by without Rob making any money as the turnstyles were idle due to Covid 19.  So he was legally liable by his predecessor's actions and didn't have any speedway income due to the lockdown so perhaps Rob's fervour for the sport at Brough was tarnished and I would have been really annoyed if it had happened to me.  I may have used George's name to describe the previous promoters but I am not blaming George as I don't know the full story.  However, If any of the people involved would like to get in touch and put their side to this story then just send me an email John
We limped on through season 2021 with a side that boasted only 1 heatleader, Ben Barker.  Each member of the team had their moments though and we managed to pick up some Championship points along the way.  I enjoyed the racing despite us being at the foot of the league table.  We were hoping for better things in 2022.

Bjarne Pedersen
Courtesy of a Newcastle Programme

Newcastle v Scunthorpe
4th July 2021

Newcastle v Leicester
20th July 2021

Newcastle v Poole and
Newcastle v Plymouth
8th August 2021
The promoters have asked for an increase in crowd for this double header to encourage them to carry on running speedway at Brough Park.  At start time I looked around and could see some old faces that had come back after a period away and  a lot of unfamiliar faces, some of whom may have been at the track for the first time!  The attendance was announced as more than a thousand so it is a success.  The promoters have agreed a rescue package and we will continue to the end of 2021.  So good news gratefully received.
The match against Poole was a disaster but we won the Plymouth match quite comfortably.  Ben Barker came from behind in every heat he was in, great to watch Ben.  Another highlight was provided by Archie Freeman.  The 16 year old, can gate and has the right approach for running around the first and second bends.  He did lead heat 2 for a while and then had bike trouble and a fall when Jason Edwards could not avoid him.  Archie suffered exhaust pipe burns to his leg and was withdrawn from the meeting.  He will get better and score his first championsip points soon, of that I am certain.
Courtesy of Steve Brock

Newcastle v Glasgow
15th August 2021

Newcastle v Kent
22nd August 2021

Promoter's Bombshell!
End Of Season Spectacular as Rob Grant & Dave Tattum Bow Out

Diamonds Co-promoter Rob Grant has released the following statement: 

“Following the completion of our remaining Championship fixtures, Newcastle Speedway will announce a date to complete the season with an ‘End of Season Spectacular’. “This will be an individual meeting with invites to rider’s who have worn the Diamonds colours over the years.  “Unfortunately this meeting will also mark the last match that myself and Dave Tattum will be at the helm as Co-promoters.

“After a very hard and stressful couple of years, and after sitting down and analysing the amount of time and resources the speedway has taken away from my core businesses, I have regrettably decided I need to conclude my time with the Diamonds in order to give my main businesses the full attention they need to survive.  “I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone connected to the club for their help and support, as without these people, my short spell at Newcastle would have been an even harder experience.

“As it currently stands, I’m setting the wheels in motion to see what will come of Newcastle Speedway in 2022, but at this moment in time all I can guarantee is the 3 remaining home fixtures.  “The Diamonds are very much a big part of the speedway family, and are the oldest running club still operating out of its original venue.

Unfortunately, our crowd attendances have been well under par this season, but maybe with new management bringing new ideas and most importantly, the time this sport so vitally requires, that is something that can be increased.  “The work is now on to try and get Newcastle to the tapes in 2022, but although I am very sad to say, this will be without myself and Dave Tattum.

“Tickets are on sale for our last two league meetings against Edinburgh on the 12th September and Birmingham the week after on the 19th, both are 6.30pm starts.  :We all sincerely hope you can all get along to see your Diamonds in action in what we hope isn’t Newcastle’s last hurrah!”  Rob Grant

John says: So once again Newcastle Speedway is facing another shutdown.  I think if we close down this time it will be the end of speedway at Brough Park after a history reaching back 92 years and I will need to create a Newcastle page in my Defunct Speedway website! I am not looking forward to doing that.  Slim hopes of someone rescuing us but you never know, stranger things have happened.
So only three home fixtures left SGB Championship matches against Edinburgh and Birmingham then the finale individual meeting to bring the curtain down.
Newcastle v Edinburgh
12th September 2021
Rob Grant's Programme Column
Ben Barker & Max Clegg
We went home thinking there would be two more meetings.  One against fellow strugglers Birmingham and then an individual meeting as the finale to a very difficult season.  The very next day those of us who check Facebook will have noticed the following press release: -
Important press release From Facebook - 13th September 2021
Newcastle v Birmingham - Season Finale 19th September 2021
Co-Promoters Rob Grant and Dave Tattum will host their last home meeting on Sunday against Birmingham in what will most certainly be a very emotional night for all connected to Newcastle Speedway.
Rob would like to thank everyone at the club for their support of his endeavours to rescue Newcastle Speedway since his take over in 2019, however Sunday evening could potentially spell the end of the Diamonds at Brough Park after a 92 year history.
Newcastle Speedway management would like to release the following statement,
"With the future of the Diamonds looking uncertain due to the potential of a takeover remaining unlikely, alongside added uncertainty from the stadium and the stadium landlords, we ask that you please follow us in enjoying what unfortunately could be the last meeting to take place at Newcastle's Brough Park. "
The club has suffered significant losses this year and everyone at Newcastle firmly believes Rob Grant has done remarkably well just to get us to the end of the season, as the truth is we could have folded much earlier in the season.
It certainly has not been an easy decision for Rob to make. However, after a meeting with management this morning, following yesterday evenings Championship meeting with Edinburgh, which unfortunately once again failed to attract crowd numbers large enough to sustain the financial pressures of running a speedway club, it is a decision that he regrettably has had no choice but to make.
Regarding last nights tannoy announcement that there would be an individual meeting to mark the closure of the season, it has been decided this morning that due to the financial strain the club is under, this can no longer go ahead and the final meeting at Newcastle will be this Sundays championship fixture against Birmingham."
Rob himself would like to add on this closing statement,
"I am deeply sorry and disappointed for our dedicated sponsors, riders and most importantly our ever loyal band of supporters. I wish you all the very best for the future and I sincerely hope that a rescue package comes to light for the Diamonds and everyone connected to Newcastle Speedway, however, at this moment in time I can say that there is no one waiting to take it over.
I understand that this will be an emotional and difficult fixture to attend but if you can, please come along and support the Diamonds for the final meeting against Birmingham this Sunday, 19th September at 6.30pm."
The Sun Sets On
Newcastle Speedway!
So it's two meetings left both against Birmingham, at home and away, then we close down probably forever unless a miracle happens and someone buys into one of the sports oldest clubs
Important Information re Tomorrows Finale

 We will be opening the gates/turnstiles tomorrow half an hour early to try and alleviate any undue pressure on the gates and give everyone as quick of an entry as possible. Gates will now be OPEN FROM 5PM. 

Car Park – there will be parking attendants in operation tomorrow to ensure we can fit as many cars as possible into the car park. Please do listen to the advice of these attendants when parking your vehicle and remain vigilant and courteous to other car park users around you.

 Mascots – we WILL be having a parade tomorrow evening and therefore we will be giving any youngsters the chance to partake in the running of the evening and offering mascot positions to any of our young fans. Please make sure to message us prior to attending in order to get your child’s/children’s name down on the list.

 TICKETS – There has been some confusion over admission prices this week. Can we just clarify that the £38 admission charge is for the VIP HOSPITALITY PACKAGE ONLY. This must be booked online in ADVANCE.

Normal admission prices are as follows:

Adults – £17

Concessions – £14

Child (5-16) – £3

Under 5s – FREE

We are looking forward to seeing everyone trackside tomorrow.

Co-Promoter Dave Tattum
Devastating News
Everyone at Newcastle Diamonds Speedway is extremely shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of our co-promoter, Dave Tattum, in the early hours of this morning. Club owner and fellow co-promoter Rob Grant was given the heartbreaking news this morning and would like to issue the following press statement, "I am beyond devastated at the news of the untimely passing of my co-promoter, my mentor, and most importantly my friend, Dave Tattum. I have known Dave for over half my life and he took me under his wing in every way possible since my days of riding for Stoke.
Dave had been like another father figure to me and had been my place of solace and guidance and was always there whenever I needed his help. Everyone knows that since taking over at Newcastle, my run has not been easy and without Dave I can guarantee that we would not have made it to the end of the season. His help and support has been without a doubt my rock, his encouragement saw me through the hardest of days over the past 2 years and words can't express how much I will miss him.
I want to say thankyou to him for all that he has done for me since my riding days and my thoughts are obviously with his family at this extremely sad time." The devastating news of Dave's passing comes on what is already an extremely sad day for the Diamonds, as they face the prospect that today may be the final ever meeting at Newcastle, with both Rob and Dave due to stand down as promoters after today's meeting. As a mark of respect to Dave, we will be honouring his life with a 2 minute silence at this evenings meeting straight after the parade, before the warm up lap. We politely request everyone in attendance to join in with this 2 minute silence as we remember a great friend to Rob Grant and Newcastle Diamonds Speedway.
19th September 2021
Newcastle v Birmingham
19th September 2021
Newcastle's Last Home Match

Emotionally charged close call sees Diamonds lose out to Brummies by a point on “final” night at Brough Park

20 September 2021

Newcastle GEC Diamonds: 44 Birmingham Brummies: 45 SGB Championship

On an emotional night which was almost certain to herald the end of Speedway racing on Tyneside, the Newcastle GEC Diamonds welcomed the Birmingham Brummies in their final home SGB Championship match, the home side desperate to try to avoid the wooden spoon, and with the nostalgia of the occasion filtering through the absolutely massive crowd of fans old and new looked to fill the stadium ready to say goodbye to Brough Park.

Newcastle Co-promoter, Rob Grant and Diamonds’ announcer of 57 years, Barry Wallace led the crowd in a two-minute silence in memory of Grant’s promoting partner and close friend, Dave Tattum who passed away just hours before the speedway was due to take place before heat number one got underway, without Ben Barker who had withdrawn, citing emotional distress at the death of Dave Tattum, and rider-replacement covered his rides.

From the gate, Starke and Connor Mountain roared from the gate to take a solid 5-1 over Chris Harris and Josh Macdonald but Heat Two saw Adam Roynon have a chain snap with a fall and exclusion, while in the re-run Archie Freeman’s throttle jammed open down the back straight and he had to bail out leaving Birmingham with a 0-5 to collect, and with a Brummie 1-5 in the fourth from Flint and Riss over Stark from the gate to take the scores to 9-14.

Newcastle hit back with a 5-1 of their own in the fifth from leader Wright as Clegg whipped up inside Harris for second in a great move cutting the gap to 14-15, while Flint continued his paid unbeaten streak with a great tape to flag win in Heat Seven over Starke and Ashley Morris in third in a 2-4 which left the scores at 19-22. Heat Eight saw a rare fall for Flint on the first bend and left the win for Roynon to take well on his second bike over Macdonald as part of a Newcastle 4-2 catching up to within one point again, 23-24.

The sides then exchanged maximum heat wins, Heat 10 a solid and determined win from the flag for Clegg over his partner Mountain with Flint taking third, and there was once again only one point between the sides, 29-30, and with Harris winning Heat 11 well, in a shared 3-3 Newcastle were still trailing Birmingham 32-33, however a 1-5 from Sarjeant and Flint in Heat 12 over Freeman and Wright who lost his steel shoe mid race while Heat 13 was a shared 3-3, so with two heats left the score was now 36-41.

Following a vital Heat 14 5-1, taking the score to 41-42, Mountain seemed to straighten up going in to bend three at enormous speed and went hard into and under the air-fence, with his exclusion from the re-run, which also resulted in the air fence needing repair.

In the re-run Clegg led hard into the first bend ahead of Riss and held it to the end for a 3-3 ending the match 44-45.

Following Heat 15, and the fireworks, many hundreds of fans took up the invite to walk the track one last time, lining up behind the starting gate, with a green light, tapes up start accompanied by the Diamonds’ theme tune, Diamonds by Jet Harris and Tony Meehan and assorted Diamonds’ meeting music with more than a few tears being shed round the shale circuit.

Club Owner Rob Grant said: “We had hoped to go out with a win on such an important and emotional night, but a critical point was lost after a disastrous Heat Two with Adam breaking a Chain and Archie having a jammed throttle, and it proved that uncontrollable 0-5 was the race that critically lost us the match. We will be really trying do a job at Birmingham on Wednesday. but know it’s going to be a tough ask, but we will give it our all in our last match.

“There were good and bad points all match and we got seven out of 15 heat winners, but the Brummies had a star man guest in Leon Flint at reserve, and along with James Sarjeant their two reserves were match winners with paid 23 points between them to our paid nine, but it was the occasion which won the night with a massive crowd and an atmosphere like we’ve never had for ages especially with the track walk which saw hundreds of folk tread the shale for one last time.”

Individual Riders’ Scores:

Newcastle GEC Diamonds 44

Ben Barker – Rider replacement

Connor Mountain 2*,1*,1,2*,3,Fx = 9+3

James Wright (captain) 2,3,2,0,R = 7

Max Clegg 1*,2*,1,3,3,3 = 13+2

Paul Starke (guest) 3,1,2,2,0 = 8

Archie Freeman (r) Fx,0,N,1,N = 1

Adam Roynon (r) Fx,R,3,1*,N,2* = 6+2


Birmingham Brummies 45

Chris Harris (captain) 1,1,3,1*,1* = 7+2

Josh Macdonald (guest) 0,0,2,0 = 2

James Shanes – Rider replacement

Ashley Morris 0,1,0,N = 1

Erik Riss 3,2*,3,3,2,2 = 15+1

James Sarjeant (guest) (r) 3,R,2*,3,R = 8+1

Leon Flint (guest) (r) 2*,3,3,F,1,2*,1 = 12+2


Finally a Walk Around the Track
Ben Barker Connor Mountain
James Wright Max Clegg
Matthew Wethers
Archie Freeman Adam Roynon
Courtesy of Steve Brock 
The lineup that rode together over the later stages of season 2021.  Mat missed most of the matches due to injury
Last Ever Admission Ticket
The attendance figure for the last ever meeting appears to have been a very healthy 1,232
Birmingham v Newcastle
22nd September 2021
Newcastle's Last Match Ever!

Win Or Bust For Brummies

BIRMINGHAM are facing up to a win or bust meeting with Newcastle at Perry Barr on Wednesday (7.30). The Brummies need five points from their final two league outings of the season to pip Scunthorpe to a play-off spot.

That means a win against the Diamonds is key before heading to Glasgow for a tough away meeting on Friday.  Paco Castagna and Valentin Grobauer return from international duty and Jack Thomas also returns in a boost ahead of the tie.

Boss Laurence Rogers said: “We simply cannot afford to lose this meeting, we know the importance of it.  “We have to be realistic and admit it’s a tall order for us to make the play-offs from here, but our win at Newcastle on Sunday has just kept us in the hunt.

“Going to Glasgow needing at least a draw won’t be ideal but I’ll worry about that after the Newcastle meeting. We need to focus on that and we need the fans to get right behind us, they can make a heck of a difference. “I’m proud of what the boys have done this season and whether we qualify or not there’s a lot for this club to be proud of.”  The meeting also offers additional racing with a Development League meeting with Eastbourne after Heat 15 and some 125cc demonstration races – all at no extra cost to supporters.
Courtesy of KanDysoft/SCB & SpeedwayGB
So that was it!  Newcastle's last ever match. A 20 point defeat away to Birmingham.  I will continue to take an interest in all of the last 7 riders we had.  Hopefully local lad Archie Freeman will want to continue without his favourite track.  He is 16 years old and has a great future ahead of him.  Connor Mountain is another young rider (age 24) on the way up.  I don't know what I will be doing without speedway but I will continue with the websites.  I will wait a while before I add Newcastle to my Defunct Speedway website.


Newcastle Speedway Up for Sale

For all genuine enquires please contact information will be published on social media platforms. If a consortium is being considered then it is important that there is a figurehead to deal with the matters on behalf of everyone. The sale of Newcastle Speedway is subject to any new parties producing a business plan, having talks with stadium landlords and the BSPL for acceptance before any handover can take place. There is a time limit of 6 weeks before Newcastle Speedway will unfortunately have to close. For clarity current director and promoter Rob Grant will not be staying at the club in any position once his officials licence runs out meaning at least two promoters need to be put in place by any party or parties wanting to take up the challenge. 

A Reprieve

The Inspiration and determination of the late Dave Tattum breathes vital life into Diamonds’ future

24 September 2021

Newcastle Speedway owner and promoter, Rob Grant, was shedding more than a few tears on Sunday, along with hundreds of other Diamonds’ fans who were attending the final farewell of the club, but in honour of the memory of his former co-promoter, Dave Tattum, who tragically passed away at the weekend following an arduous and lengthy battle with illness, the Geordie former racer feels it would be grossly disrespectful to walk away and allow the club to close right now.

An emotional Grant said last night: “Since Sunday’s amazing meeting, which was charged heavy with emotion, I’ve done nothing but sit back and think, and talk with my family about the past and the future, and it seems totally disloyal to Dave’s memory that I walk away at this stage and potentially shut the Diamonds forever under our promotion’s name.

“Dave Tattum spent most of his last months teaching me in depth, with all the information and skills I’d need for running a speedway club, and all that while he was fighting for his health under very difficult circumstances, but as my great friend, he dedicated his time to me and Newcastle Speedway, and that is why I cannot walk away from this great club. I cannot do that with Dave, his efforts and, his belief uppermost in my mind.

“No concrete offer has come forward, but we’ve been looking at my other two businesses and looked hard and deep into things, and I will not walk away, and I will keep Newcastle running in 2022 for the memory and influence of Dave Tattum. We do have new backing and I’ve learned a lot in the last 18 months which will only benefit the future of the club. Also, I have sent in an application for a new co-promoter to join me, and he’s a businessman, who will be a very familiar face to the Brough Park faithful, and obviously knows this club inside out.

“The loyalty shown to us proves people of this City and beyond, love this club and desperately want it to continue, and the love poured out over the weekend has been an important factor in this decision and we have to repay that huge level of loyalty.

“This time, however, will be starting preparation for 2022 on a level playing field with the rest of the teams, and won’t be playing catch-up in the team building stakes, which will, at least mean, we’ll have a decent chance of challenging for much better league place that this 2021 season, which is now well behind us.”

The Newcastle Speedway press office will be keeping a close eye on this story, and will report all developments as it happens, but above all else, the important news today is the Diamonds will come to the tapes in 2022 and powered by the memory of the late Dave Tattum.

Well done Granty, We will see you in 2022!

Season 2022
So here we go into Brough Park's 93rd year.  Rob Grant has made his first signing:-
James Wright
Courtesy of Steve Brock Photo
So James is Rob's first signing for 2022 and he will be captain.

Max Clegg
Max Clegg
Max became Rob Grant's 2nd signing for 2022.  Max can beat the best around Brough Park, hopefully 2022 will see him get more points away from home.

Matthew Wethers
Matthew became Rob's third signing for 2022.

Paul Starke
Photo's Courtesy of Steve Brock
So 4 signings revealed and the other 3 signed but not yet revealed.  We need an out and out number one heatleader.  I would like to see Archie Freeman back at reserve leaving room for a decent rider in the other reserve berth

Bradley Wilson-Dean
Kiwi Bradley comes in as our number 1 for 2022.  Hopefully he will be able to win heats 13 and 15

George Congreve
George is a three times NZ under 21 champion including the current season.  I haven't any photos of him yet so if you have any please email a couple to me John

Lee Complin


LEE Complin insists he will go into his comeback season with his eyes wide open as to the level he needs to achieve.  Complin was named as a surprise signing for Newcastle earlier this week after nearly a decade out of the sport. He said: “If I didn’t think I could get back to the level I was at before I retired, I wouldn’t be bothering making a comeback. “I believe the Newcastle supporters will see the same entertaining and successful rider that I was back in my glory days.  “I am 100 per cent ready for this, my fitness is in top form, and I can promise I will be giving my all every meeting to help Newcastle win some silverware.”


2022 Sponsors

𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝘽𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝘽𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙧 𝙁𝙞𝙧𝙚 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 & 𝙎𝙏𝙎!

19 October 2021

𝙒𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝘽𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝘽𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙧 𝙁𝙞𝙧𝙚 𝙋𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 & 𝙎𝙏𝙎!

Newcastle Diamonds are thrilled to welcome back on board as associate sponsors for another season, Barrier Fire Protection & STS.
Both David from Barrier and Marcus from STS have become sincere friends of the club and we can not thank both of them enough for their ongoing support.Without their generous contributions, our seasons would prove very difficult and they both provide an invaluable lifeline to the Diamonds season after season.  From everyone here at Newcastle Speedway, Thankyou

We also would like to take this opportunity to announce some VERY EXCITING NEWS We are beyond thrilled to announce that we have secured a very successful deal with a BRAND NEW MAIN TEAM SPONSOR for 2022! 

We cannot announce who they are right now, until all the legalities of the deal are finalised, but what we can say is that this is a company that we will be welcoming to the Diamonds for the very first time, and it will be a great honour to have them on board for the exciting season ahead.  We are extremely excited to work alongside them and would like to sincerely thank them for their belief in Newcastle Speedway for 2022 True exciting times lie ahead for Newcastle Diamonds! Roll on next season!

March 2022 Press & Practise
Photo: Steve Brock Photography

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