Newcastle Speedway
2020-2029 Part 1
The new decade has dawned with a new owner: Rob Grant.  Rob rode for us 2001-2002.  Rob's father and grandfather were also speedway riders (pictures follow below) : -
Rob rode for Newcastle 2001-2002.
Father and son Rob Grant senior and Rob Grant junior.  Rob senior never joined his local club and is best known as an accomplished Berwick rider and young Rob's grandad Alec started the family's interest in speedway.
Alec Grant
Alec Grant aka "Farmer Grant" had his first rides before the war and rode for Newcastle 1946-1948

Rob Grant & Max Clegg
Rob loses no time in making Max his first signing for 2020
Matthew Wethers
Matthew became Rob's second signing
Claus Vissing    James Wright Connor Mountain
Rob announced signing these 3 on BBCTV Look North.  Vissing is capable of leading the team from the number 1 slot.  The other two will start the season in the reserve berths.  James is making a comeback and starting as a reserve is just what the doctor ordered.  Connor needs to be happy with Brough Parks tight turns, if he can master the track he should do really well

Diamonds supporters had to wait until the Christmas Party on 20th December 2019 to hear who the final two riders are. 

They are as follows: -
Ondřej Smetana & Nick Škorja
Ondřej is the elder of the two.  He is a Czech and Nick is a Slovenian, beyond this I know very little about them. We hope that they can hit the ground running and get amongst the points home and away

Newcastle Gems
The Gems have been brought back to the 3rd tier, National Trophy racing in 2020 by Rob Grant
1. Max Clegg  2. David Wallinger  3. Jamie Halder
23 yr old from Brighouse, West Yorkshire 24 Yr old from Teesside 21 Yr old from Selby North Yorkshire
4. Joe Alcock 5. Ryan McDonald 6. Josh Embleton 
21 Yr old from Stoke on Trent 24 Yr old from  Glasgow 24 Yr old from Newcastle upon Tyne 
7. Archie Freeman     
15 Yr old from Newcastle upon Tyne     
Jason Pipe
Season 2020 dawns with a new promotion and after George English decided to step back from his long time role as the Diamonds team manager, the promoters have appointed Teessider Jason Pipe to manage the Diamonds.
Before a wheel was turned in 2020 Jason has been replaced by a new manager
Darren Hartley
Ex referee Darren has taken over at the helm from Jason Pipe

John says: The Coronavirus outbreak looks like badly affecting 2020 sporting events so the Rob Grant era is up against it right from the beginning.  Let us hope that Granty will not incur any unusual expenses without a speedway income to pay for it!
So we are just a few weeks away from season 2020.  If  you have any old photos etc or memories of Newcastle's past please get in touch, to see if we can add to our  Newcastle Speedway History website

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