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2015 Season
Courtesy of Steve Brock
Simon Nielsen, Anton Rosen, Steve Worrall, Ludvig Lindgren and Tero Aarnio.  Absentees: Lewis Kerr and Christian Henry
Newcastle v Workington
5th April 2015
This team contested the "Ian Thomas" Shield commemorating Ian who was the best promoter either team had.  The above cover photo shows rear: - Christian Henry & Lewis Kerr middle: - Simon Neilsen, Ludvig Lindgren & Lewis Rose and front: - Anton Rosen & Steve Worrall

Lewis Rose
Another 2015 Line Up
Lewis Rose, Steve Worrall, Simon Nielsen, Ludvig Lindgren, Anton Rosen, Christian Henry, Lewis Kerr and
Newcastle Gem Archie Freeman

Lewis Kerr

Extract from the Independant Newspaper on Monday 3 August 2015.  Newcastle Diamonds speedway rider Lewis Kerr is in an induced coma after colliding with another rider at a race in Peterborough. The 25-year-old, from Snettisham in Norfolk, was flown to Addebrooke's Hospital in Cambridge after he crashed into a fence following the collision; the meeting was abandoned. Team manager George English said his family are at his side.  It was not a good looking crash and it instantly became apparent that Lewis needed major attention," he said "The paramedic team were superb and gave Lewis the very best of attention on the track, but also realised that it was important to get him to hospital as soon as possible."

A spokesman for the British Speedway Promotion Agency (BSPA) said: "Lewis is in a stable condition and is in the very best place for care and attention.  "There was no alternative but to abandon the meeting. All of the riders were in no state to continue after seeing what had happened.  "Our thoughts are with Lewis and his family, and we wish him a full, successful and speedy recovery.  "Our information at this stage is that he is in an induced coma and as and when any further updates are available we will issue further bulletins.  "Everyone within British Speedway sends our best wishes to Lewis and his family, and we hope for good news soon."

Anton Rosen
Simon Nielsen
Ludde and Tero
Ludvig Lindgren and Tero Aarnio
Tero Aarnio
2016 Team
Photo by Steve Brock.  Tero Aarnio, Robert Lambert, Lewis Rose, Ludvig Lindgren, Danny Phillips, Matej Kus and Steve Worrall.  Early season injury to Tero Aarnio, he was replaced by Swede Viktor Palovaara photo below: -

Another 2016 Team Photo
Ashley Morris, Robert Lambert, Steve Worrall, Ludvig Lindgren, Danny Phillips, Victor Pavolaara and Matej Kus
Ludvig Lindgren
Robert Lambert
Lewis Rose  &
Robert Lambert

At a Closed season "talk in" in November 2016 the 7 riders to contest the first meetings of season 2017 were revealed, they are as follows: -
The Newcastle Sapphire Engineering Diamonds 2017 - Standing: Alan Hedley (Co-Promoter), DannyPhillips, Lewis Rose, Ludvig Lindgren (c), Steve Worrall, Robert Lambert, George English )Co-Promoter/Team Manager) Kneeling: Ashley Morris, Connor Coles
Steve Worrall &
Robert Lambert
What a relief that we have the best Championship Riders back at Brough Park.  They were great in 2016 and surely will improve throughout 2017.  I hope they will not miss too many meetings through other commitments.  When Robert gets out in front he gets close to the Brough Park track record.  He needs to be informed that he needs to go a little faster to claim the record.  Steve is a little slower than Robert but in 2016 for points scored there is nothing to separate the two.  I expect both to put a point on their averages and to lead the team to some silverware.
Robert Lambert

Ludvig Lindgren
I am very pleased that we could fit Ludde in the 2017 team.  He has the gift of throttle control, his acceleration in attacking the bends is legendary.  2016 was a good year for him and hopefully he can step up a gear in 2017.
Lewis Rose
Lewis has been with the Diamonds for a while.  In 2016 he had started to really get into the groove and then he succumbed to a collarbone injury missing the closing weeks of season 2016.  The Newcastle faithful will be ecstatic that Lewis has signed up for another season at Brough, me too!  I think Rosey can rack up the points in 2017 but he will start the season in the tougher main body of the team.
Lewis was paired with club captain Ludde Lindgren at 3 and 4.  Rose started the season well then lost form a bit but was still scoring, then he had a serious injury which ruled him out for the rest of the season.  Stuart Robson answered Newcastle's prayers and Robbo came back to ride for us again.  Lewis has to feature in our plans for 2018 when hopefully he will ride injury free and realise his full potential.

Ashley Morris
Roy Clarke calls Ashley the BCB ie The Black Country Blaster the rest of us call Ashley a major prospect.  Ash and Lewis Rose hold Newcastle's future in their hands.  If both lads get amongst the points then Newcastle can look forward to a really good season in 2017.  Ash in my opinion is a top prospect and I forecast a really good year for him!  When he gets a win he plays to the crowd on his victory laps, which is much better for the fans than popping wheelies in my opinion.
Ashley celebrating his heat win by punching the air and waving to the crowd
Ashley Morris & Liam Carr
Ashley and Liam indulging in a spot of elbowing their way to the first bend
Ludvig Lindgren &
Lewis Rose
Ludde and Lewis celebrate a 5-1
2017 Reserves
Danny Philips
Danny Philips is an enigma.  He often looks like making it then he rolls out 4 zeros.  The promotion are sticking with him for 2017 but really it is down to the lad finding his feet and winding it on with abandon!  Danny can do it, I think and he must be on a short fuse in 2017.  If he is unable to make the step up then we may need to say goodbye and bring another rider in sooner rather than later.  I hope Danny makes this his breakthrough year but if not then his place should be given to another rider if we can find one that is actually better than Danny.
Danny was injured early in season 2017 and wasn't able to make a comeback in the season.  Finding another reserve to replace Danny with, proved to be difficult!
Dan Greenwood
Dan Greenwood
Dan had to take on the role of the higher scoring reserve as he was partnered with rookie Connor Coles.  Both lads struggled in the Championship and first Connor then Dan  were replaced.
Connor Coles
Connor DOB 7th September 1994 rode for Mildenhall in 2016.  I believe Connor has ex riders  father and grandfather Michael and Bob Coles in his corner so he must get great support and advice.  Hopefully young Connor will be able to rack up the points.  Newcastle's fans will give the lad time to settle in
Connor showed some potential but couldn't make the rapid strides that were needed from him and with the team woefully weak at numbers 6 and 7 Connor was released and replaced by Ben Hopwood and in turn Dan Greenwood was replaced Alfie Bowtell.
Alfie Bowtell &
Ben Hopwood
Ben and Alfie saw out the later part of season 2017.  The crowd took to both riders.  We had reserves that could fight the battle from the tapes and around the fast lines of Brough's 2nd turn.  Ben had more experience than Alfie and it showed at first but Bowtell was getting better all the time and I expect 2018 will be a good season for Alfie.  He will start off season 2018 as 2nd reserve somewhere (lets hope at Newcastle) and will continue improving I am sure.

2017's Most Settled Team
Photo taken by Steve Brock
Stuart Robson, Robert Lambert, Alfie Bowtell, Ludvig Lindgren, Ben Hopwood, Ashley Morris and Steve Worrall
Newcastle Legend
Stuart Robson
Aarnio, Rose & Lindgren

2018 Riders
Ashley Morris
A fans favourite.  Whilst others celebrated a race win by doing wheelies.  Ashley celebrated with the crowd.  He moved on in the closed season which was a shame as he was so popular at Brough Park.
2018 Promotion/Sponsor
Martin Phillips, John Taylor & George English
Stuart Robson

Ivan Mauger
Born: 4 October 1939 Died: 16 April 2018

All the above photographs are courtesy of the souvenir programme dated 22nd April 2018.  There is lots more about Ivan on my page dedicated to him 1960's Part 5 Ivan Mauger

Carl Wilkinson
Carl Wilkinson was a rider the fans took to their hearts.  He wasn't the best gater in the league so he had to battle for his points, inside or outside Carl could pick them off.  He would go out wide at full throttle and either fall or make a superb pass.  I enjoyed watching the guy.
Carl Wilkinson &
Stuart Robson
Lewis Rose &
Carl Wilkinson
Lewis Rose (White) on gate 4 and Carl Wilkinson (Y/B) gate 2

The team that started off the 2019 campaign.  Lasse Bjerre, Thomas Jorgensen, Steve Worrall, Matthew Wethers, Danny Phillips  front Simon Lambert and Max Clegg
Martin Phillips and
John Taylor
2019 Co-promoter Martin Phillips welcomes John Taylor as main team sponsor.  BTS rescue the diamonds from an uncertain future
Danny Phillips
Danny Phillips leads from David Wallinger (guest) and Berwick's Leon Flint
Steve Worrall & Max Clegg
Steve Worrall (red) and Max Clegg (blue) celebrate a 5-1
Matthew Wethers
Very Popular Aussie
The very popular Matthew Wethers entertaining the crowd with a doughnut.  Matt had a great year emerging as a heatleader. Most of us want him back in 2020 if we are operating! His high average may be a problem when it comes to team building.
Matthew celebrating with a wheelie. Latest news is that he has been asked back in 2020 and has agreed terms.  Everyone is happy with his riding in 2019 and we hope he can do the same or better in 2020

Max Clegg
Max spent all of 2019 see-sawing in and out of the number 2 and reserve slots.  His home form saw him hitting double figures helping the team to results that would have been impossible without him.  Like Matthew Wethers the Newcastle fans would love to see him back in 2020 (hopes!)
John says:  The first two signings for 2020 under the new promotion are Matthew Wethers & Max Clegg.  Two riders that can ride Brough Park really well.  Let us hope the next 5 signings are met with the same approval.
Max Clegg in blue leads Steve Worrall and Aaron Summers..Latest news December 2019, Max will be back in 2020

Ulrich Reinhold Østergaard
Ulrich was brought into the 2019 side because his average was low enough for us to track him as a reserve.  He ended the campaign riding at number 5 as Thomas Jorgensen had vacated that team slot due to injury.  Ulrich along with Max Clegg, and Matthew Wethers were the riders that the fans took to their hearts during 2019 and would like them back in 2020 if Newcastle Speedway is to continue.
Clegg and Worrall
Max Clegg, Steve Worrall Josh Embleton and Erik Riss
Lasse Bjerre & Steve Worrall
Lasse Bjerre
Thomas Jorgensen
Dane Thomas was enigmatic.  You never knew what he was going to do.  He won me over early season when he attacked the track in coming from behind but he dropped points he should not have.
Thomas leads Newcastle guest David Wallinger 
Thomas leading the Edinburgh pair Joel Andersson & Josh Pickering

The 2019 Team After Strengthening
Could this turn out to be the last team photo ever?  I hope not, but at present the future looks bleak.  Lasse Bjerre, Thomas Jorgensen, Ulrich Østergaard, Steve Worrall, Danny Phillips, Max Clegg & Matthew Wethers

Newcastle v Redcar
Knock Out Cup Final 2nd Leg
27th October 2019
Redcar won the first leg by 12 points and after the 2nd leg ran out cup winners by 8 points.  This meeting could turn out to be the last action ever seen at Brough Park.  We are awaiting the outcome of negotiations.
NEWCASTLE have confirmed they are making every effort to take their place in the Championship next season.
The Diamonds’ place in what would be a 12-team second tier has been held for a period of grace as they were unable to declare their firm intention to run at this week’s AGM.  A club statement said: “The club requires new investment and fresh ideas in order to move forward in the present-day climate, and work is taking place to that end.  “Talks are ongoing between the promotion and potential investors, as well as stadium landlords, and at this stage time is required in order to re-group from a testing 2019 season and focus on the ways in which to move forward.  “Supporters can be assured that every effort is being made to bring the current situation to a positive conclusion, and they will have a major part to play should the green light be given for the Diamonds to continue into next year.”
Rob Grant
Local businessman and ex-Newcastle rider (2001/2002) Rob Grant junior has stepped in and hopefully he will save the day for speedway fans in and around Newcastle.  The news of his takeover leaked out towards the end of November 2019.  His family have speedway in their blood.  Rob's Father Rob Grant senior rode for Berwick and his grandfather Alec "Farmer" Grant rode for Newcastle 1946-1948 and Glasgow 1949.
Young Granty 2nd from left with the 2001 championship winning team.  The others are Jesper Olsen, Richard Juul, Bjarne Pedersen, Kevin Little and Andre Compton
Alec Grant
Rob Grant Senior
Dalbers & Granty
Andrew and Rob share their interests in Greyhounds as well as speedway so the promotion should have closer links with the greyhound landlords which may prove useful!


Steve Brock Photography

  Steve Brock Photography
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