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Rene Bach  Scott Nettleship's Race Jacket


I didn't realise when I started this website just how difficult the later years would prove to be when compiling photos and info., asking current "officials" etc for help with pictures and comments etc.  Club Photographer Steve Brock, has helped me more than once with the website but I don't like asking him frequently for photos, not that he has refused to help, Thank you Steve and yes I suppose I will be in touch again about photos that I think the site needs.  Most pictures on this page are Steve's.  Mr Brock is much more than a club photographer.  He gets involved with many many initiatives and does a very good job.  Trackman Robbie Best has also helped me develop the website with a few anecdotes and memories of his friendship with Robbie Blackadder, it was a good read back in the 1970s pages.  If you can help me with your memories of the era 2000-2009 please send me an email John

Diamonds 2000


Courtesy of Carl Nicklin

Rob Grant, Bjarne Pedersen, Grant MacDonald, Stuart Swales, Darren Pearson Kneeling - Jamie Smith, Will Beveridge and on the bike - Captain Jesper Olsen
Possibly Jesper Olsen
Courtesy of Kevin Rabbitt
Steve Baker says: Not entirely sure on this one, its from 2000 and I think its Grant MacDonald.
John says: This rider is wearing a number 5 racesuit so it could be Jesper Olsen?  Not sure if Grant ever rode at number 5

Stuart Swales 2000
Courtesy of Kevin Rabbitt
John says: A great picture but who is it?
Steve Baker says: Stuart Swales, 2000.

Jamie Smith 2000
Courtesy of Kevin Rabbitt
Steve Baker says: Jamie Smith, 2000

Bjarne Pedersen & Andre Compton
Courtesy of Kevin Rabbitt
John says: Wheelies irritate me!  Much sooner have a rider raise his hand as the crowd applaud, I usually stop clapping when a rider pops a wheelie as he is unlikely to hear us clapping!  OK I am a grumpy old man!  I remember Newcastle's Aussie ace Rod Hunter doing wheelies no-one else could beat. He could do a whole lap on his back wheel.
Steve Baker says: Bjarne Pedersen and Andre Compton, 2000.


Jesper Olsen

Jesper Olsen:  Born 10.02.1967, Valby, Denmark was with the Diamonds 1997 - 2002.  He settled on Tyneside marrying local girl Carole Gibson and is raising his family here.  Jesper deserves a mention for his exciting riding and his ability to talk too!  He was important to Newcastle as a well known figure in his native Danish speedway circles.  Jesper recommended young Danes to come over and try their hand at Newcastle and the club became a breeding ground for the Danish youngsters, the presence of another Dane Richard Juul in the side also helped.  Jesper married Carol a local girl and lives on Tyneside although his riding career was marred by injuries and he retired prematurely due to injuries sustained over a period of years and an ineffective operation on his dislocated shoulder.
He's back! after almost 2 years out Jesper got the bug again and starting riding again during August 2004.  He looked the business immediately and then the guy was involved in a fluke accident.  He came together with team mate Jason Lyons clipping his back wheel down went our man and his bike did a slow motion somersault then crashed down on him.  The rear mudguard caught him in the face and off went Jesper to hospital.  37 stitches in his lower lip but he says his old injuries are not a problem to him so he will ride again.  Good stuff Jesper and best of luck for 2005 you deserve a change of luck mate!
Hey Jesper this page is left open and we are waiting for you to rewrite the History Site's chapter on one of Newcastle's best
Well he was back in 2004 but sadly no Jespero in Newcastle's 2005 side. Jesper told me that he was on too high an average 8.10 from his last season for him to be accommodated in anyone's side for 2005! What a sad situation! but hang on Jesper when injuries and lack of form strike it may just be that some team will get in touch with you.  I think a fit Jesper Olsen is easily a PL 8.00 pointer.
So have we seen the last of our 2nd Great Dane? I say second because Ole Olsen was here too! remember?  Come on and give Jesper a break someone. 2006 is around the corner and still no sign of Jesper riding again. So it looks as if his riding career is ended. What a shame he could still be winning races in my opinion. His mechanic and friend Roy Clarke has donated some of Jespers riding gear from 2001 for me to use at Diamond Geezer displays so at least Jesper's name will be mentioned many times throughout the north east in 2006 and beyond. A shining career brought to a premature end through injuries and the riding average rules of the game.

Best Pairs 2001 Jesper
& Bjarne Pedersen

Two very popular "Nice Guys" Jesper and Bjarne in 2001 
Carol Olsen says: Hi John, Just reading through your history on Newcastle.  I have gone to the speedway since I was a baby, mam & dad met there and that's where I met Jesper of course.  Dad started the speedway back up in 1997 with the help of Dave & George.  Jesper was Newcastle's first asset they bought him from the BSPA.  What an asset he was to them!  Jesper's main reason for retiring was the fact that he spent more time in hospital than I did, having our children.  He felt he was getting too old and had more responsibilities having his daughters.  He still speaks to Nicki & Bjarne and he loves watching the speedway on Sky.  We are flying down to Poole for Bjarne's Testimonial in March 2009, so that will be a good place to catch up with Nicki and Bjarne.  Jesper is working hard for Pearon Engineering down in Walker. He enjoys his time with his daughters Samantha 8yrs and Natasha 3yrs.
Just to keep you updated. Many thanks
Carol Olsen
John says: Thanks Carol, by "Pearon" I take it you meant to type Pearson?  My sister worked there in the late 1960s when the company was known as Pearson Machine Tools

Berwick v Newcastle
 (Possibly 2000?)
Carl Nicklin says: I think the Newcastle rider in yellow is Jesper Olsen and I’m guessing at Mick Powell for the rider in White.  The year I believe is 2000 judging by the race suit Jesper has on.  Rider in white is either a new member or a guest as he has not got a race suit!.  I hope this helps.  Great website keep up the good work.


Richard Juul

Richard Juul was born 30.10.1970, in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Richard known affectionally as Dickie rode for us 1991-94, 1997, 2002-05, and 2008 Another absentee from the Diamonds in 2006, Dickie's average is again a problem for him and also his volatile nature! Richard can be an asset to any club and he still wants to ride in 2006 so get in touch with him if you are a promoter who needs a middle order proven points scorer.

Richard Juul
Millennium Man


Photo's courtesy of Paul Brassell

These 22 photos are of Richard during his first season with the Diamonds 1991 (we think). Can you still get into them leathers  Dickie?
Richard has been at Newcastle on and off for most of the 1990's and the millennium years too.   His career has however taken him to teams around the country when he was unable to ride for his adopted "Toon".  He is actually a Wolverhampton asset despite becoming Mr. Newcastle.
1995: Dickie's Horror Crash! 
In 1995, when he was a Wolverhampton rider, "Our Man" crashed at Oxford and sustained horrific injuries. These included a dislodged windpipe, punctured lung, compound fracture of the leg and a broken pelvis. The ambulance was forced to stop twice on the way to hospital as he stopped breathing luckily the crew kept him alive and got him to hospital in the nick of time.
After eighteen months away from the sport, the tough Dane made a comeback and was welcomed back into the Wolves line-up in 1999.  After a successful season at Monmore Green, Juul returned to Newcastle, his first club in Britain.
Dickie was the 2004 club captain and the crowd  took to him all over again as he proved over and over again what a determined rider he is by top scoring this season.  He also showed that he was never far from controversy but that is the nature of the lad. He is passionate about speedway. No one will forget his delight at winning the league title in 2001 when he brought the trophy track side to show the fans.. 
He's back! mid season 2008 filling in for the team following the abrupt departure of Ben Powell.  Richard's long association with Newcastle Speedway is set to get even longer.  He was appointed team manager 2009 but lost the post 28th April 2009.  Maybe Richard who was living locally in North Shields will be willing and able to help his club out from time to time in other ways than riding
Richard Juul 2003
Courtesy of Kevin Rabbitt
Steve Baker says: Richard Juul, 2003.


Bjarne Pedersen

Bjarne Pedersen (born 12 July 1978, in Holstebro, Denmark)  He followed his Danish namesake Nicki Pedersen into the Newcastle team, Nicki was here in 1998.  We  are pleased that Bjarne was with us for 3 seasons 2000-01, 2003.  I would be delighted if he decided to drop back down to our league to ride for us again, to see out the end of his glittering career.  He is well up there as one of our all time most popular riders

Bjarne is Newcastle's 4th Great Dane.  The pecking order is -  1.) Ole Olsen -  2.) Jesper Olsen -  3.) Nicki Pedersen -  and 4.) Bjarne Pedersen

 Courtesy of Carl Nicklin
Nicki Pedersen moved on and his place was eventually taken by another great Dane: Bjarne Pedersen (same surname but no relation) and an entirely different rider to Nicki..  Bjarne wasn't the same kind of rider, so he made more friends and he took a little longer to climb the ladder than Nicki, so we had Bjarne for two "and a bit" seasons 2000, then our league title winning year 2001 and he was back doubling down in 2003. After a while Bjarne was hitting the same sort of scores as Nicki had done for us in 1998.  Bjarne Pedersen is arguably the most popular of Newcastle's top Danes.  Regrettably after a couple of seasons he too had to move on to join the Elite League riders as he was too good to remain with us in the lower rung of team racing and Newcastle had another void to fill.  Bjarne suggested that his young countryman Kenneth Bjerre should come to Newcastle.

Bjarne and I exchanged some emails and all if what is to follow is the result of our contact.  Bjarne's statistics are very impressive but I have limited them below to his spell with the Diamonds.  Have we had a rider since Bjarne with a higher average than he achieved over three seasons!

Year Matches Rides Points BPs Total    Newcastle Averages                                                                      
2000 34 179 420 14 434     9.70
2001 44 219 534 22 556     10.16
2003 9 48 119 3 122     10.17

Bjarne has been in touch and he has supplied the following info: -
Bjarne Pedersen  Career History
Denmark Denmark                                                                                                                                                                                                             
1995 - 2000 Holstebro
2001                 Kaparna Goteborg (in Danish league)
2002                 Vojens
2003                 Holsted
2004                Slangerup
2005 - 2006 Holsted
2007 - 2013   Holstebro
Poland Poland
1997                 Opole
1999                  KS Torun
2001 - 2002 Kolejarz Rawicz
2003                 Orzel Lodz
2004 non start in Polish league
2005  Wybrzeze Gdansk
2006 KS Torun
2007 - 2008 Wybrzeze Gdansk
2009 - 2011 Tarnow
2012                 Gniezno
Sweden Sweden
1998                 Vargana Norrkoping
1999  Elit Vetlanda
2000 - 2002 Kaparna Goteborg
2003                 Vastervik
2004                Masarna Avesta
2005 Vastervik
2010 - 2011 Kumla
2012                 Vargarna
United Kingdom United Kingdom
2000 – 2001 Newcastle Diamonds
2003 Poole and Newcastle shared doubling down duties with Stuart Robson
2002 - 2010 Poole Pirates
2011                 Eastbourne Easgles
2012                 Birmingham
Bjarnes Career Honours Bjarnes Career Honours
1991 1991
Bronze Medal DMU for talent league with Holstebro
1992 1992
Gold Medal DMU Danish 1st. league with Holstebro
Gold Medal FIM Nordic Championship for teams
Gold Medal DMU Danish Junior Pairs Championship with Charlie Gjedde
Silver Medal DMU Danish 1st. league with Holstebro
1995 1995
Silver Medal Spiers Super Cup
Bronze Medal DMU Danish Second Division with Holstebro
1996 1996
Bronze Medal DMU Danish Super League with Holstebro
1997 1997
Gold Medal DMU Danish Super League with Holstebro
Gold Medal DMU Jysk Championship
1998 1998
Silver Medal DMU Danish Super League with Holstebro
1999 1999
Bronze Medal FIM Nordic Championship
2001 2001
Gold Medal BSPA Premier League Champions with Newcastle
Gold Medal BSPA Premier League Riders pairs with Newcastle team mate Jesper Olsen
Silver Medal DMU Danish Championship
Bronze Medal BSPA Premier League Riders Championship
2002 2002
Gold Medal BSPA Craven Shield Champions with Poole
Silver Medal DMU Danish Championship
Silver Medal SVEMO Elite serien with Kaparna Goteborg
Silver Medal FIM Speedway World Cup with Denmark
2003 2003
Gold Medal DMU Danish Super League with Holsted
Gold Medal DMU Danish Super Cup with Holsted
Gold Medal BSPA Elite League Champions with Poole
Gold Medal BSPA Knockout Cup Champions with Poole
Gold Medal BSPA League Cup Champion with Poole
Bronze Medal PZM 2 Liga with TZ Lodz   
Bronze Medal FIM Speedway World Cup with Denmark
Bronze Medal FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Hammar
2004 2004
Gold Medal FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Wroclaw 
Gold Medal DMU Danish Champion
Gold Medal BSPA Elite League Riders Champion
Gold Medal BSPA Elite League Champions with Poole
Gold Medal BSPA Knockout Cup Champion with Poole
Silver Medal DMU Danish Super League with Slangerup
Silver Medal SVEMO Elite Serien with Masarna
Bronze Medal  FIM Speedway World Cup with Denmark 
2005 2005
Gold Medal SVEMO Elite Serien with Vastervik
Silver Medal DMU Danish Super League with Holsted
Silver Medal FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Prague
Bronze Medal FIM Speedway World Cup with Denmark
Bronze Medal BSPA Craven Shield with Poole Bronze Medal       
Bronze Medal  FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Cardiff
Bronze Medal  FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Eskilstuna
2006 2006
Gold Medal FIM Speedway World Cup with Denmark
Gold Medal DMU Danish Super League with Holsted
Gold Medal BSPA Craven Shield Champions with Poole
Silver Medal SVEMO Elite Serien with Vastervik
Bronze Medal FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Parken
2007 2007
Gold Medal BSPA Elite League Pairs Championship with Jason Crump
Silver Medal Danish Individual Championship
Silver Medal FIM Speedway World Cup with Denmark
Silver Medal SVEMO Elite Serien with Vastervik
Bronze Medal PZM 1 Liga with Gdansk
2008 2008
Gold Medal  FIM Speedway World Cup with Denmark
Gold Medal  BSPA Elite League Champions with Poole
Silver Medal PZM 1 Liga with Gdansk
Silver Medal BSPA Knockout Cup Champion with Poole
Silver Medal FIM Speedway Grand Prix of Lonigo
2009 2009
Bronze medal  FIM GP Quarter final Lonigo
2010 2010
Gold Medal BSPA Knockout Cup Champion with Poole
Silver Medal FIM Speedway World Cup with Denmark
Silver Medal BSPA Elite League Champions with Poole
Silver medal BSPA Elite League Pairs Championship with Chris Holder
Bronze Medal DMU Danish Individual Championship
2011 2011
Gold Medal Indoor Speedway in Boxen Herning
Gold Medal Emil Kramer Memorial Sommerset
Gold Medal David Watt testimonial Poole
Silver Medal   FIM sapa GP Challenge Vetlanda
Silver Medal  FIM GP quarter final Esbjerg
Silver Medal  SVEMO Elite Serien with Kumla
Silver Medal  BSPA Elite League Championship with Eastbourne
Silver Medal DMU Danish league with Holstebro
Bronze Medal  FIM GP semi final Lonigo
Bronze Medal Somerset open
2012 2012
Gold Medal  PZM 1 liga with Start Gniezno
Gold Medal  Bob Kilby Memory at Swindon

Bjarne has acheived so much, as shown above. I sent Bjarne a questionnaire with my usual sort of questions, his answers follow below: -


Bjarne Pedersen Questionaire

1. Q. When and Where were you living when you first took an interest in speedway
  A. I leaving in a town call Ryde, where I still living its around 10min drive from my local club Holstebro.
2. Q. Where and when did you start riding and what bike(s) did you have
  A. I was around 10-11 years old, my first ride was at Holstebro Speedway track in 1990, my bike was a 80ccm speedway bike.
3. Q. What were your best achievements before coming to the UK
  A. From 1990 to 1994 I did 80ccm speedway bikes, 1995 was my first year on 500ccm. ( I will attached a page with what I have won.......  John says Bjarnes career acheivements are listed above
4. Q. How did you come to the UK, were you brought over by a UK promoter or were you freelancing.
  A. My first trip to England was in think it was 1998 I visit Brian Andersen at Coventry, but I was feeling it was to early, and then Newcastle comes up in 2000, after some phone calls with Jesper Olsen.
5. Q. Where did you ride first in UK and how successful were you
  A. I cannot really remember my first meeting in UK but for sure it was for Newcastle.
6. Q How did you end up riding for the Diamonds and did you live on Tyneside, if so where were you living
  A. I did stay with Roy Clarke in Newcastle
7. Q. Can you remember your first rides at Brough Park and how did you do
  A. cannot remember but there must be some old record......., I think I come in on a 09.00 average the first year and finish on 09.23 I can remember my gold was to add somethink on my average already in my first season.
8. Q. Did you like the track and how quickly did you adapt to its tight corners etc
  A. I quickly adapt the tract, I was a good home tract, special but good when you know the track.
9. Q. Did you try Newcastle Brown Ale and sample the night life in Newcastle, The town is now famous for its nightlife.  How did you find it back then
  A. I have never try a Newcastle Brown yet, I think in my 2 years at Newcastle we was maybe out ones or two times, but both times was with the hole team.
10 Q What were your highlights riding for the Diamonds
  A Winning the Premier league championship in 2001 and the pairs with Jesper Olsen.
11 Q You must have made a few friends from Newcastle are you still in touch with any of them, if so who are they.
    I still got friends in Newcastle, but I not in weekly touch with any one of them.
12 Q Are you married and if so how and where did you meet you wife and do you have children
  A I merried to Lone , we got (Oliver 11 years)(Maja 4 year)(new baby on the way 1 of Dec)
13 Q How and why did you decide on your last season for the Diamonds
  A I was close to be at the top of the averages in 2001, I was feeling it was time to step up in the Elite league, Poole was the right place to go at this time.
14 Q UK Speedway is in the doldrums again with too few tracks in the Elite league and dwindling crowds.  Do you have any thoughts about how to give it a shot in the arm
  A no!
  J John says neither can I and I spent
15 Q Can you sum up being here at Newcastle was it good for you or should you have done something else instead
  A Newcastle was fantastic for me, the two season did me some good, I did learn a lot about british speedway/track, I grow up a lot this 2 seasons.
16 Q So Bjarne  that’s my 15 questions, if you want to say more feel free and type away.

I would like to thank all my friends in Newcastle and everyone at Newcastle speedway, for some great time and results back in 2000-2001, maybe one day I will be back and do few laps on my old home track    Bjarne Pedersen ex Newcastle Diamond

John says: Everyone connected to Newcastle Speedway and your many fans here in Newcastle would love to see you out on the Brough Park track again.  Why not contact George English and maybe arrange to do three match races against Kenneth Bjerre or someone else with a Newcastle connection. I suppose Nicki would enjoy a return trip to Brough Park, if he, like you, has the time?

This contact between me (John) and Bjarne took place on 7th September 2013.
Newcastle's Pedersens 
Bjarne and Nicki raced for 4 laps like this!   Nicki had returned to Brough for an individual event which is how this photograph came to be taken.  If my memory serves me well I remember Nicki on the outside in a later lap when he clattered the boards but still pushed Bjarne all the way
Bjarne has sent the following pics for me to use on this website:- 
 Team Pedersen
 Emil Grřndal
16 people in this photo.  Hey Bjarne did you have to pay them all? A far cry from your beginning at Brough Park.
 Bjarne In
Start Gniezno
 Bjarne "Og Team"
 Bjarne In Eastbourne Colours
So my thanks to Bjarne for helping with this section of the 2000's.  If you missed seasons 2000 and 2001 you missed seeing Bjarne develop into a great rider, one of the best we have ever had and a nice guy too.
Most of the pictures on this page were taken by Steve Brock who helps me at times with his pictures for the History Site.  Please visit Steve's own site if you want to buy any photographs.  Steve Brock Photography  

Newcastle KBS Diamonds
2001 League Champions 

Darryl Illingworth Jesper Olsen Richard Juul Rob Grant Kevin Little Andre Compton Bjarne Pedersen George English and Kenny Smith (sadly now deceased)

2001 KBS Diamonds
Courtesy of Kevin Rabbitt
John says, Bjarne Pedersen, Richard Juul, Jesper Olsen, Kevin Little, Andre Compton and Rob Grant jnr.  So please confirm and just the number 7 to name John
Steve Baker says: 2001 title winning side, correctly identified, the missing no 7 is Paul Macklin.


Kevin Little

Kevin Little born 24.09.1972, Edinburgh, Scotland.  Kevin was at the backbone of the Newcastle team for 4 seasons 2001-2004  He was a middle order rider who occasionally made heat leader scores.  I was impressed by his riding, he possessed great throttle control of his bike.

This Is Kevin On
The Ice In The USA



Andre Compton


Jesper Olsen and Andre with the league trophy 2001


Andre Compton During Newcastle's 2001 Championship
Winning Campaign.


Andre was one of the best full throttle racers in modern speedway, watching him on a big fast track like Sheffield was a truly special thing.  He sometimes struggled a bit with the slower, tighter turns at Brough Park, but he was still hugely entertaining.



2003 Newcastle Team


Mick Powell, Rune Knudsen, Richard Juul, Kevin Little, Jamie Robertson, Craig Branney and Kenneth Bjerre


Rune Knudsen 2003
Born 15th August 1983 at Helsingor in Denmark.  Rune became a member of the Diamonds in 2003.  He didn't deliver what the team needed and was quickly replaced by fellow Dane Kristian Lund.  The website is short of a photo or two of both these Danes so please send me scans if you have photos of them.  John
Kristian Lund 2003
Courtesy of Kevin Rabbitt
Steve Baker says: Kristian Lund
Jason Lyons

William Lawson
Courtesy of Kevin Rabbitt 
John says, don't even remember the race jacket!
Steve Baker says: William Lawson, 2003, probably pre season practise as he has no helmet colour or sponsor logo on his race jacket.


Kenneth Bjerre

  Kenneth Bjerre ved SWC CPH 2004. Kilde: Mogens Jensen
Kenneth Bjerre Jensen (born 24 May 1984 in Esbjerg, Denmark) came to us in 2002 and rode 2 seasons 2002 and 2003.  My memories of Kenneth are of him missing the gate and coming from the back passing inside or outside he could do it better than anyone in my memory.  He was our 5th great Dane following Ole Olsen, Jesper Olsen, Nicki Pedersen and Bjarne Pedersen.  I suppose I enjoyed watching him more than his other countrymen as I love my speedway more when a rider overtakes and the little guy did it most matches.
Copenhagen born Richard Juul in blue and  Esbjerg born Kenneth Bjerre in red.

Kenneth is another Danish superstar in the making.  I said the same to my daughter as I said about Nicki "There is a future world champ".  So go on Kenneth prove me right

Kenneth's poor gating in his early days at Brough, meant he had to overtake 3 riders to win almost every time.  He rode round Brough differently to any other rider and was usually 2 or 3 seconds faster than the opposition.  All Newcastle fans consider Kenneth to be our "real track record" holder. No-one could get near him and his 2 heat winning times at 62.5 seconds are much more believable than the old record of 61.00 seconds set by another great racer Sean Wilson! The track has been changed so Kenneth is regarded as the Brough track record holder.  He too had to move up because of his talent and the ever changing rules of the sport.  He left for Belle Vue as did Ivan Mauger before him. 


2004 Newcastle Diamonds


Lee Dicken, Will Lawson, Jason Lyons, Kevin Little with Jamie Robertson and Jesper Olsen kneeling and Captain Richard Juul on the bike

Mario Jirout
Courtesy of John Spoor
Mario from the Czech Republic joined the Diamonds in 2004.  His form was disappointing and he didn't last long before he was replaced.  He didn't please the Sheffield boss Neil Machin either, see the report from Paul Rickett (Speedway Star).
Richard Juul Sorensen
Richard Juul Testimonial
28th March 2004
Newcastle v Wolverhampton
Bjarne Pedersen leads testimonial man Richard
Report courtesy of Speedway Star

2005 Newcastle Diamonds

Phil Morris Josef Franc George English and Jamie Robertson with sponsor "The Gate"


Left: red James Greaves no5. Middle Josef Franc Red and right James Greaves

2005 Newcastle Team

2005 team. Jamie Robertson, Lubos Tomicek, Christian Henry, Richard Juul, James Grieves, Josef Franc Kneeling and Phil Morris on the bike


Jamie, Josef & Lubos
Jamie Robertson Left, Right: Josef Pepe Franc (Red) & Lubos Tomicek (Blue)

Newcastle v Hull
24th April 2005

Scott Nettleship's
Race Jacket
Hi John it's Scott Nettleship I have just been having a clear out of old things and came across a collection of race jackets I have raced in but one race jacket I came across was my very first race jacket when I was 16 and used to race with Adam Roynon before the meetings started.  I was giving this race jacket by the late Kenny Smith and I was wondering if you or anyone else knows what year it was from and possibly who used to race with it on. I have forwarded a picture of it.  Many thanks, Scott.
Courtesy of Scott Nettleship 
John says:  Hi Scott,  Thank you very much for the email and the pics of your Diamond Race Jacket.  I cannot remember seeing any modern day rider sporting a jacket like it.  However, it is a copy of the race jackets used between 1961-1963 inclusive.  See my pic of Ivan from 1963 wearing the original.  So if anyone can add any comment(s) re Scott's race jacket please send me an email here John
Speedway Display Stall
Courtesy of Scott Nettleship
Scott Nettleship says: I have attached a photo doing the speedway stand with Ashley Johnson I think it's from 2004 when he broke his leg this was down at Akley Heads.
John says:  Yes it was down in Durham.  The Diamond Geezers ran a succession of speedway stands around the region.  This one was organised by Mal Ridley and I was there too but no-one took a photo of me!

Newcastle "Who's Who" 2006 

A good shot of everyone from 2006 courtesy of Steve Brock. George English George Stancl Barry Wallace Adam Mckinna Joan English Darryl Illingworth Christian Henry Andrew Dalby Jamie Robertson James Grieves on the bike and Kneeling Josef Franc and Manu Hausinger


2007 Race Jacket 


Christian Henry


Stoke v Newcastle 2007

 Ross Brady, Garry Stead, Jonas Raun & Lee Complin


Very Popular
2007 Rider
Carl Wilkinson

Very popular 2007 rider Carl Wilkinson whose leg trailing blasts around the outside were what the fans wanted to see.  Spectacular riders who entertain the crowds at home or away should earn a few more quid in my opinion.



Ross Brady (Red) &
Sean Stoddart (Blue)

Scotsman Sean Stoddart 2007

Ivan Mauger In 2007 With Newcastle Evening Chronicle's John Gibson

Courtesy of Archie Cooper
Ivan Mauger paid our PTE club a pre season visit on 14th March 2007.  He is shown here with John Gibson Newcastle Evening Chronicle Sports Editor.  Ivan was a Diamond 1963-1968 and even after this length of time remains the greatest Newcastle rider ever.
Josef Franc

2008 Newcastle

2008 Sapphire Diamonds with the team Sponsor.  Jamie Robertson Sean Stoddart Ben Powell Jason King  Josef Pepe Franc Christian Henry and George Stancl

 Photo by Steve Brock

Richard Juul answers a call to help out the Diamonds in the later part of the 2008 season.  The team are kitted out in "Sapphire Engineering Diamonds" race suits.  I am going to be a bit petty now in pointing out only Dickie Juul is wearing a diamond on his kevlars.  Thank you for sponsoring the team, Sapphire Engineering but why didn't you change your name to "Diamond Engineering!"



Josef "Pepe" Franc

Josef "Pepe" Franc (born 18 January 1979, in Čáslav, Czech Republic) became a Diamond for 4 years 2005-08
2008 Pepe In The Snow!
Jason King (blue) and Josef (Pepe) Franc make life difficult for an unknown Redcar rider.  Pepe was a Jawa works rider and had 3 immaculate yellow Jawas from the Jawa factory.
Matty Hart says: I believe the Redcar rider is Ty Proctor 

Josef again this time with Jamie Robertson who later in 2008 was dropped from the team. A great pity as Jamie was very promising in the Newcastle Gems matches.



George Stancl

A great artistic photo by Steve Brock 
Jiří (George) Štancl (born 19 August 1975 in Prague, Czech Republic) George did 3 seasons for the Diamonds 2006, 2007 and 2008.  He was sponsored by local bakers Warburton (please send me a dozen loaves for mentioning Warburtons!)

George, a Czech rider was living in nearbyWhitley Bay when he rode for us.  He would have been unaware that the small town he was living in actually staged speedway for 11 meetings in 1929


Newcastle Season 2009 

Steve Boxall


Trent Leverington


Casper Wortman In Newcastle 2009 Colours &
Mildenhall 2008

Unfortunately Casper didn't make the grade 
Derek "Deek" Sneddon 
Scotsman Derek Sneddon born 27.07.1982, Falkirk, Scotland rode for the Diamonds between 2002 and 2009.  Very popular apart from his visits now as an Edinburgh Monarch!

Kenni Larsen

Kenni Arendt Larsen (born 14 June 1988), is known as both Kenni Arendt and Kenni Larsen.  He rode for Newcastle 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Kenni won the Premier League Riders Championship in 2010.  He became too good not to try the Elite League so we lost his services after 2010.
Kenni took the track record down to 61.00 seconds on 24th October 2010 and it is still the fastest time to date (2017)


Jason King

Jason Gary King (born 13 April 1985) in Maidstone Kent.  Jay rode for us 2008 and 2009 captaining the side.  He married local girl Jill and settled on Tyneside.  Jay has been very unlucky with injuries which appears to have brought his career to a premature end.


Craig Branney

Craig Harry Branney (born 31 July 1982) in Whitehaven, Cumbria was a product of the Newcastle Gems junior side.  He was in the Diamonds senior side 2003 and 2009.  He now (2014) appears to have stopped riding.

Newcastle Sapphire
Engineering Diamonds

2009 Team After Strengthening


Rene Bach, Kenni Larsen, Jason King captain (on bike), Adam McKinna, Derek Sneddon, and kneeling Mark Lemon and Trent Leverington


Rene Bach
René Bach (born 7 June 1990, in Hjordkaer, Rřdekro, Denmark.  The Newcastle conveyor belt of young Danish talent brought Rene to the north east in 2009.  He made himself popular by missing the gate a lot and sweeping around the outside of the track in a never say die manner.  One of my favourite riders.
Following his countryman Kenni Larsen into the Newcastle team Rene soon began equalling Kenni although vastly different in their riding styles Rene thrilled crowds with his round the boards overtaking
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